[ubuntu-studio-devel] Audio

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sun Jan 15 07:25:21 UTC 2017


this settings app makes things more complicated instead of making them

In parenthesis you mention "buffer 1024". Actually this should read
"1024 frames".

Take a look at QjackCtl, it's "Frames/Period", aka "Frames".

If you want to let users chose the jack sample rate, don't provide
enforcing low bit depth, too. Providing this is counter-productive.

Assuming this app is intended to be helpful for novices, then take care
to use common terms, at least don't use wrong terms and consider to
provide information and only provide usually useful settings, instead
of providing options that are seldom useful.

Take a look at idiot-proof proprietary apps. Audiobus for example:

"128 frames
Very fast response, very high device load: May cause shuttering

256 frames
Fast response, moderate device load: Recommended

512 frames
Moderate response, lower device load: Use if you experience shuttering

1024 frames
Very delayed response, low device load"


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