[ubuntu-studio-devel] Ardour5 crashes under ubuntu-studio 17.04

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Tue Apr 18 17:47:59 UTC 2017

On Mon, 17 Apr 2017, gerdmitpferd at online.de wrote:

> I can open ardour5 projects, which I created under ubuntu-studio 16.10, not
> with ardour5 under ubuntu-studio 17.04. Adour then falls off.
> New projects are running.
> jack is crashing.....
> I emailed with info at ardour.org, and they told me jack was faulty in 17.04

Paul wrote jackd 1, he has nothing good to say about jackd 2. Both he and 
Robin hate Ubuntu and continue to say things like this. (ubuntu did ship a 
bad version of jack in 14.04, but that would not have caused this 
particular problem) The thing to remember is that Ardour.org supports only 
Ardour binaries downloaded from ardour.org. This is because they can not 
trouble shoot mistakes made by packagers.

> what can I do?
> I think the Ardour is an important application in ubuntu-studio 17.04. It is
> certainly in your interest to solve the problem quickly.

We have to be able to reproduce "this problem" on our machine or at least 
have an understanding of what is happening on you machine. The fact that 
things are ok on a new session indicates that the problem is something to 
do with the older session.

I have created a session in 16.04 using Ardour 5.0 from ubuntu repos, I 
added both audio and midi tracks and recorded audio on the audio tracks 
and midi information on the midi tracks. there is at least one plugin in 
each track (synth or eq). I can load this session after booting 17.04 with 
the ardour 5.5 as supplied but the ISO and playback the audio and midi 
tracks I created in 16.04/ardour 5.0. There is no crash and I use the 
supplied jackd in both cases as started by qjackctl or jack_control 

While I don't run Ardour quite daily, I do development work on it to do 
with control surfaces and as such run it frequently. (and also regard it 
as an important application :)  )

My first thing would be to (as Ralph says) run it in safe mode. The first 
dialog that comes up when Ardour is started has a safe mode checkbox at 
the bottom, check that and then load the session. If this solves the 
problem, then one of the plugins is bad.

If not, we need to look at your setup more closely. How you run jack and 

> Output from the console:
> Cannot write socket fd = 21 err = Broken pipe
> CheckRes error
> Could not write notification
> ClientNotify fails name = ardour notification = 10 val1 = 28 val2 = 0
> Unknown error...
> terminate called after throwing an instance of
> 'Jack::JackTemporaryException'
> what():

This almost looks like running Ardour with ALSA while jack is still 

Len Ovens

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