[ubuntu-studio-devel] Video

Thomas Pfundt tux at pfundtdesign.de
Sun Sep 18 12:50:55 UTC 2016


Am 18.09.2016 um 13:24 schrieb One Chamois:
> Hey Thomas,
> Is it legal to mention Adobe softwares?

Sorry, maybe I have written a bit unclear. As you already wrote, I was
reffering to common substitutes, not the Adobe software itself.

Again, just some suggestions. I don't know how feasible this is or not,
since it's not possible to include "everyone's favourite program" in the
list. I just thought, maybe to go with common recommendations for people
transitioning from Adobe software to see that they're supported and

Krita is another example of a really popular program, especially lately.
I did not think of it though, as I haven't used it very much, yet. Also
not sure what people generally use it for, I think I've seen it being
mentioned as a substitute for Photoshop painting / Corel Painter, as far
as I'm aware.

Kind regards,

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