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Thu Oct 27 13:25:46 UTC 2016

The only thing I would consider adding to the ongoing pile are the two
following (in no particular order):
1) wacom tablet settings. The good news there is somebody who just
started to work on a setting solution for XFCE, I wonder if we can get
in touch with the author and see if we can recruit them, or at least
keep in touch and see how we can provide support.


2) Ubuntu studio settings (for audio). This is something we have
discussed, but maybe we can start with a wireframe somewhere (unless we
do have it already and I just missed it in the wiki)

3) we should still keep an eye on what is happening with krita/calligra

Game development tools is something I am looking forward to! :) I have
been looking into packaging Godot, as a first foray into packaging.
(Godot, as geirdal talked about it in IRC, is a game engine somewhat
similar to the premise of Unity). It is supposed to be quite
self-contained and as such very easy to build, but I am somewhat stumped
as to procedure side of things.


Looks like there was some effort to package, but then the efforts were
stalled. I guess first step is to contact the maintaining group and see
if they are still interested in maintaining it? *is not entirely sure
how to proceed with it*

As for the website, I think I am beginning to hit diminishing returns on
that front. I'll still be around to help out with graphics, layout and
content writing etc, but I really need to take a step back from it.

Things that needs to be done in relation to the website:

1) graphics

2) FAQ on the support page

3) ubuntu's wordpress setup seems to not support child themes. There is
multiple ways to tackle this: we can simply modify knome's theme rather
than create a child theme as a temporary measure, or I think Kryten and
knome have been working on making changes to the main theme itself.
Perhaps we should have a meeting on this to see where we are?

4) oh and new stage: ubuntustudio.azbulutlu.org, let me, kryten, or Set
know if you need an account.

I think showcasing the community is something we can figure out post
deploy but still it would be great to have that happening.

Either way let me know what you need from me in terms of setup of the
stage, and other things.

I'll stop this wall of text now :) but looking forward to 17.04.



On 10/27/2016 12:09 PM, Set Hallstrom wrote:
> Greetings everyone!
> Technically we entered the new cycle after releasing the previous one,
> but its fair to say we all need to live a little bit of delicious post
> release relaxation. The new cycle, Zesty Zapus 17.04 is a special one
> for US. While it isn't an LTS, it marks the 10th aniversary of Ubuntu
> Studio. While 16.10 saw a few oldtimers leave, it gained new blood in
> contributors. By fear of forgetting someone, i will skip dropping
> names, but we've seen activity in our artwork team, in the PR team and
> in the tester team. The IRC channels have been running hotter than i
> have ever whitnessed and while there was an episode of hurt feelings,
> it's been fun and interesting to exchange on- and off-topic chats.
> I would like to invite everyone to share their thoughts on how we do
> this 10th aniversary unforgettable. From the top of my head these are
> a few things i think we should work on this cycle:
> - Recruit devels. We have an acute need of actual coders. While those
> among us are awesome and skilled, we need to work on discharging
> workload from their shoulders so that they can remain happy and
> relaxed contributors. The only way i can think of is to campaign about
> it e v e r y w h e r e. Engage the community and emphasise our users
> production. Create pride of the healthy kind. Gain attention and
> outline the fact that there is actualy a demand for what we do. Our
> community is small from a global scale, but it's huge from the
> perspective of an altruistic volunteering based project. There has
> been discussions about creating contests and i think it is great and
> now that have a job, i am ready to invest a few bucks into some prizes
> in the form of swag from the distributors we have at hand.
> - Include gameing design tools. There is no doubt that game art is a
> an ecompassing artform, including most of the multimedia fields we
> cover. While blender has game engine, i hear there are interesting
> alternatives and including this expression forn would open us up for a
> wider community.
> - Review our artwork. Some of the artwork we have, such as boot images
> and loading screen could need a makeover.
> I invite you to fill the list :)
> The emergency project right now is the website. It's been queued for
> too long and while it is mostly an issue of miscommunication with
> Internet Services, we still need to figure how we showcase the
> community with it.
> Now for a little bit of reality check, on my personal side, my new job
> is super interesting but also, well... fulltime and some...  I
> basically manage IT events, and while i'm learning craploads of stuff
> that are usefull for my work with you, these first weeks i've been
> struggling to find the energy to do anything else than procrastination
> on my freetime. I'm hopefull iöthis is due to the nature of beginning
> something new and intense that requires a lot of energy and
> dedication. I do not intend to give up on this project by any means,
> but for the sake of the group unity, i need to inform you of this. I
> will probably not be able to learn all i still need to learn to be a
> packager and therefor i think i should focus on doing what i already
> know how to do: PR, docs, artwork and troop coordination/motivation.
> On that note i would like to invite everyone to observe how xubuntu
> has migrated from having a project lead to having a project council.
> Xubuntu has a remarkable infrastructure, and while our team is small
> enough to be quite agile we should learn as much as we can from their
> methods. In any case, i invite you to share any and all ideas,
> suggestions, and motivations regarding our group in this thread.
> Looking forwars to read you, with warm regards from cold sweden,

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