[ubuntu-studio-devel] Numix Blue Theme

Ross Gammon rosco at ubuntustudio.org
Sat Oct 1 12:01:37 UTC 2016

Hi All,

I sat down this morning to review where we are with implementing the new
theme. It was a little tricky to follow what was done where, and why. It
would be more helpful to reviewers and potential sponsors if we
submitted a bug on launchpad, then carried out discussions there, and
created a task for the required actions on each package so we can track
when they are all complete. For example, we have the theme uploaded in
ubuntustudio-look, but we haven't changed the default settings in
ubuntustudio-default-setttings yet.

So where are we we with each package?


Kaj uploaded Version 0.54 to yakkety, and this appears to now depend on
numix-gtk-theme, and numix-blue-gtk-theme. Numix-blue-gtk-theme is a new
binary package (of ubuntustudio-look) and contains the bundled source of
the upstream tarball. It would have been better to create a separate
source package for this, but I suppose doing it this way avoided the
need to get sponsorship outside of the team. And a note for Set for next
time - the commit bundling numix-blue included a lot of other changes
that probably should have been committed separately to bzr. But no harm
done. We should probably:

1. Submit bug to remind ourselves to see of we can drop some theme
packages now to save space (or has this already been done?).

2. Submit a bug to remind ourselves to explain the inclusion of the
numix-blue source in a debian/README.source file at the next upload.


This has not been uploaded yet (currently version 0.62 in Yakkety), but
Krytarik has prepared the required changes to make numix blue the
default, which without a full check look fine. Unfortunately, there is
also a commit to move the lightdm configuration to
ubuntu-default-settings from the separate source package
(ubuntustudio-lightdm-theme). This is probably the right thing to do,
because the us-lightdm-theme package is practically empty now (except
for this one configuration file). But the timing is unfortunate (so
close to release), and the changelog entry could have been a bit more
verbose, explaining that we are moving the config file from one source
package to another (in preparation for dropping the lightdm package one

1. We should also have a launchpad bug for this change, so we can track
the eventual removal of the lightdm package (and mention it in the

2. We have updated debian/control to also provide the us-lightdm-theme
package. I don't think creating a virtual package is appropriate here.
It is probably sufficient to just have breaks/replaces so that
us-lightdm-theme is removed on upgrade.

3. We also seem to have added a dependency on xubuntu-icon-theme, which
is not explained in the changelog. Do we know why this is required?

ubuntustudio-lightdm-theme (currently version 0.9 9n yakkety & xenial):

As I said above, us-lightdm is practically empty, except for this one
config file that we should move to default-settings. However, I notice
at the last upload we changed to a tidier way of using a maintainer
script to remove the old config file (which was renamed at this
version). I am not 100% sure, but by setting the lastversion that the
config file existed to 0.9, the config file may not be removed in an
upgrade to Xenial. It probably should have said 0.8. This maintainer
script should probably also be moved to the default-settings package in
the merge above, so that us-lightdm-theme can be removed eventually.
This theory needs some testing.


Krytarik has done a good job here (as things certainly were a little
messy before), but at this stage I think we should revert the commit
that moves the config to default-settings, and just upload the changes
to make numix blue the default. Then we should implement the config move
early in the next release cycle to get maximum upgrade testing from
previous releases.

If there are no mistakes/comments in this analysis (and I could do with
an answer on the xubuntu-icon-theme question above), I will probably
start on this later today/tomorrow.



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