[ubuntu-studio-devel] Would Ubuntu Studio Team be Interested in Partnering with New England Conservatory?

Devin Ulibarri pikurasa at yahoo.com
Sun May 29 14:15:51 UTC 2016

On 05/29/2016 04:32 AM, Set Hallstrom wrote:
> Dreams, ideas and visions are the mandatory ingredients to any change.
> Many of us share this dream with you, i for one do. It is a steep path
> upwards you are taking, but i believe it is absolutely possible to reach
> your goal! Or put differently, thanks for reviving that hopeful nerve in
> me by reaching out to the list like this :)
Wonderful. :)
> Ubuntu and ultimately Ubuntu Studio is backed by Canonical [1]. Before i
> got involved in the project, i turned to Ubuntu Studio with a similar
> vision to yours [2], thinking that there would be lots of potential,
> energy and will available. But now that i have insight i must inform you
> that, while all those ingredients are here, Ubuntu Studio in itself is
> _very_ small team. 
I realize that you are backed by Canonical and a small team.
> In fact, as the team looks right now, if we dedicated
> ourselves to a project like you are proposing, we would have little to
> no time to release new versions. Please rest assured i am not trying to
> discourage you, but i also have to be realistic. Most of the team
> resides in Europe ATM, it might not be much of a problem thanks to how
> Internet works, but meeting with the president/deans of your school will
> become logistically difficult. Especially if there is no promise of
> outcome yet. However, i am sure that if you can arrange such a meeting
> in a way that would allow some of us to go ±0 on expenses, many of us
> will come with pleasure.
I would *not* ask for work that distracts you from the goal of development.

I think just some "veil of support" would be enough--just a general
backing of the idea and permission to go to the higher ups at the school
and tell them that we have the backing of "Ubuntu Studio". They will not
recognize the name, so it will be up to convince them that this is big
opportunity for NEC.
>> > Things NEC would be interested in:
>> > * Pedagogical Implications (I can help with this greatly. I helped
>> > develop Music Blocks software with Sugar Labs, for example. musicblocks.net)
>> > * Price savings (of course)
>> > * Having their name on something (maybe copyright on some sound-fonts
>> > that faculty help to create)
>> > * A greater association that their school is "with the times" tech-wise
>> > (unlike Berklee, NEC is stuck in middle-ages tech-wise and struggles
>> > with its image in this area to a great degree)
> All this is nice and probably achievable. I would be very prudent with
> what kind of copyright you want to involve and how you present it.
> Copyright is a seemingly vague yet scalpel sharp but strange legal
> territory. FOSS and GNU/Linux is forged in a quite new and
> ground-breaking vision of how copyright should operate. I'm underlining
> this because how you let them
>> > * Having their name on something
> could have very counter productive effects on your plan, or make it
> plain incompatible with FOSS on a legal level.

I had a difficult time wording the above, but one of the benefits for an
institution like NEC in the world of free software as I can see it is
the potential for leaving a greater legacy. So, under a free license,
yes no one makes royalties, but the name of the original author is
spread far and wide (e.g. Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds, etc). So, if
, the musicians of NEC were to help with what they could help with (I
think recording sound fonts, mainly), then what they would get in return
would be acknowledgement for being the one who created the "awesome
sound font". (Additionally, if I did this aforementioned project of
sound fonts, I would fund it with a grant to pay the musicians a
one-time stipend for their work. If I did not get grant funding to pay
musicians the one time fee, I would not do it. So, this plan/dream is
contingent on possible grant funding.)
>> > 
>> > Any Additional thoughts? Is this a project that Ubuntu Studio would be
>> > interested in taking on?
> Change is scary for many, and a change in OS is ultimately vowed to put
> the current computer administrators of your school in a position where
> they are going to feel threatened: what will they do if their skill-sets
> become obsolete? A good way forward could be to find a way to include
> them into this change and to engage any eventual detractor into a
> constructive process. How to do that, i don't really know yet but i'd
> gladly brainstorm with you about it. :)
This is the potential issue I *really do* worry about. Our tech team is
not one for change or taking risks. Therefore, I think I really need to
get it right with the higher-ups of the school (they can tell the IT
team that this is an education-based decision, which would trump their

Strategically, if we try to bring the OS into NEC on the ground, I would
propose to start with a "one computer" program where we have one
computer running Ubuntu Studio in each of the two computer lab (small
school). I could also get help from MIT, which the admin would
appreciate because it would be a good partnership.
> When it comes to:
>> > * Price savings
> Put the numbers flat on paper for your people to see.
Sure. I will see how far I can pry into their numbers for IT costs.
> Last but not least: we are open for you to become a part of Ubuntu
> Studio.[3] We can provide you with a like-minded community, tools,
> brain-craft, encouragements, ideas and a platform to shape and sharpen
> your plan. Basically what i am saying is that you could become a member
> of the PR-[4] and documentation teams, working on a master-strategy for
> the implementation of Ubuntu Studio in schools.
Okay, just let me know what you need.
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