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On Thu, May 5, 2016 at 22:39, autumna [<'autumna at gmail.com'>](mailto:'autumna at gmail.com') wrote:
I added 2 more software packages to the wiki page under "graphics" for
the publishing related workflows.

(add) calibre: Calibre is a book managing software, but it also happens
to have a well designed epub editor. To my knowledge there currently
isn't any software available on ubuntu studio to make or edit ebooks.

I've only done a quick glance on the homepage and didn't get a feel for what the features are. Is it a writing software as well as publishing and converting to ebook format, or is it just the publishing part? We discussed before 15.10 about adding a writing software and where to put it. I was looking into a couple of candidates where my suggestion was Plume Creator. It was too late to include them and I had too little time to contribute to 16.04 and the writing stuff was left on hold.
Calibre's epub editor is for creating and publishing ebooks, similar to what Scribus is for pdfs, although I can even make an argument of using calibre over Scribus for a text heavy book, then have calibre format it into pdfs that are optimized for various screen sizes.

https://manual.calibre-ebook.com/edit.html for details of the this particular feature of calibre.

In terms of writing software (and this is just out of curiosity) why plume over manuskript? and either way I personally like the idea. There are other applications besides Plume Creator and Manuskript but from my tests Plume Creator was then and still seems to be the most mature and already in the Debian repos. The two main developers are in contact though so perhaps there might be some collaboration in the future.
Plume Creator is being rewritten for a new version but as there are only a few developers it might take some time. It would be great to include the new version of course, but the current stable version has been used to write several books by different authors.

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