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Wed May 4 05:18:12 UTC 2016

tisdagen den 3:e maj 2016 kl. 23:40:32 CEST, Ralf Mardorf 
<ralf.mardorf at rocketmail.com> skrev:
> My apologies, a last PS:
> The virtual Arturia Oberheim SEM vs a remake or the origuinal of the
> original Tom Oberheim SEM analog synth. I own a real Oberheim
> Matrix-1000 and a virtual Arturia Oberheim SEM. A real SEM in some
> aspects is much better then a real Matrix-1000, but regarding the sound
> even a real Matrix-1000, is much better than the emulation of a SEM.
> A studio in the box can't win against a real studio.
> Audio plugins allow to draw near to a real studio, by needing
> less room and less money.

i agree to dissagree: i prefere my hardware, not for the sound, but the 
interface. having dedicated knobs is a limiting factor that allows me to 
navigate the infinity of sounds i can create. hw also makes me have 
differently fun, which i believe is an invaluable ingredient to a hit. 
(what ever a hit is if not a suggestive thing) no email notifications, no 
interesting wiki page, no irc, you know, just on-switch and sounds.

however looking for facts in this type of discussion is impossible on 
internet. there is an equal amount of tangible thesis and trustworthy 
antithesis. and with reasons: music is a very paticular artform were every 
success story is full of myths, anecdotes and taste. however, no doubt that 
100% ITB studios are moving masses today. my point is that very few other 
music consumer than the geeks and audiophiles chose to listen to the 
reverbtail or the distortion-fuzz over listening to the track globaly and 
in its context . 

my 2 kronor,

ps. reminds me of curtis blow: 'clap yo hands everybody, if you got what 
takes!' :)

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