[ubuntu-studio-devel] DVD authoring software

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Thu Mar 10 19:23:48 UTC 2016

It seems that dvdstyler is suffering from bitrot and will soon go the way 
of GCDMaster... not broken, but no longer in the ubuntu repos.

I am not much of a video artist and don't really know what I am doing in 
this area so I am asking those of you who actually do videos to put on 
DVDs or know a bit about it to give some input.

devede is no longer a part of the ubuntu repos being old and suffering 
bitrot as well, but there is a rewrite called devedeng that is up to date 
and uses modern versions of GTK for example. While it is available from a 
PPA it does not seem to be in the debian or ubuntu repos. If it is any 
good getting it there would be a first step.

dvdauthor is in the repos but is CLI. still it is up to date and while we 
do include it, that is only because something else depends on it. I would 
suggest seeding it to keep it around.

Bombono has been suggested to me and is available in our repos. I have 
downloaded it and it does start :)  I don't really know how to begin using 
it, but it does do menuing although there do not seem to be templates to 
make it easier for a newby (like me) to begin using it. For someone with 
more experience lack of templates may be a plus. I was able to put three 
videos in a project, add a menu and make a DVD file system. VLC seems to 
present me with (my very crude) menu and play whichever video I select.

Any more ideas?

Len Ovens

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