[ubuntu-studio-devel] Studio icons

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Thu Jun 30 15:01:58 UTC 2016

On 2016-06-30 16:47, Ralf Mardorf wrote:

> Application icons are not provided by the icon theme, at least not for
> special apps that have nothing to do with the origin of the icon theme,
> such as Ardour, GIMP or Incscape.
> It's even possible that upstream doesn't like it, if you ship with a
> different icon. However, most important is, that users expect the same
> icon, what ever Linux distro, BSD or even proprietary OS they run,
> especially for professional usage it's important to stay with sane
> defaults.

Very good point. It also cuts the work-load into a decent portion. If we 
make the generic icons for the system (arrow-back/forward, folder, disc, 
HD, SD, settings, etc...) integrate well with upstream we have the 
winning solution. But it sort of annihilates the idea of bi-chromatic 

If we want to push it depper, we could still find a nifty grid with 
proportional rule-set and container-type that would allow us to use the 
icons as they are shipped by upstream while integrating it to our look.

This project obviously needs more research and discussion. :)


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