[ubuntu-studio-devel] Studio icons

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Thu Jun 30 14:38:24 UTC 2016

On 2016-06-30 14:03, Jimmy Sjölund wrote:

> I agree the icons will (at least on this screen) become blurry when
> scaled down. However I like the look and the flat design. Why should
> one look at existing icons instead of doing them from scratch if
> someone is willing to put in the time? Existing work will also be
> personal to the one who created that specific set of icons. At least
> this way they will be "Ubuntu Studio" specific ones.
> /Jimmy

Sure, someone is willing to put the time and effort and sure, every 
designer has a personal style. I mention remixing existing work, because 
i think it takes more than one person to design a unique icon for every 
program we ship. Not only because it is hard to do alone, but because 
the entire task is intricately tied to having a review-peer going trough 
each and every icon. Hence, it takes some_two_ willing to put the time 
and effort.

Note that this is an invitation for anyone interested in helping geirdal 
to step forward, and also a statment that yes, geirdal is on to 
something, but as of now, that something is far off from an iconographic 
vocabulary. My answer was in no way intended to discourage, but to 
quickly change course before too much sweat blood and tears was 
invested, whilst proposing a different and less time consuming 
alternative: By  customizing an existing set, we cut the workload in 

Of course, if we set the goal for the new iconography to be for next 
LTS, then we should absolutely _not_ care about any existing icons and 
go ahead and create an iconographic vocabulary proper to US. In that 
case what i would like to keep from geirdals proposal is the bi-chroma 
and the flatness. But i want us to develop the shape of the container 
(if any), a proper grid, and proportional rule. I was unrealistically 
hoping for 16.10. But i think it would be an awesome addition to 17.04 
which is the 10th anniversary release. (not LTS though)

On June 30, 2016 1:48 PM  ralf wrote:

> If users work with different workstations, it's easier to find apps by
> their icons from upstream, so e.g. the default Ardour icon, should be
> the icon from Ardour.
On 2016-06-30 16:02, Jimmy Sjölund wrote:
> I'm not sure I follow? When using Xfce with a theme you get the icons
> provided by the theme, not a particular icon provided by each
> application company or creator. As I understood from Set's earlier
> search we were trying to find a new theme for icons. So in any case it
> will not be an Ardour icon from Ardour.org. Or am I missing something?
> /Jimmy

Well, yes and no. Unless we pull-off making our own from scratch, I'd 
very much like to find a theme of icons that respect the corporate 
identity of the upstream developers, yes. As you expressed yourself in 
our recent discussion about that matter on IRC, Jimmy: one cannot just 
change a logo.


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