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Thank you Ralf! :)

On 2016-06-20 20:37, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> since list subscribers might be annoyed by a partly off-topic
> thread, I decided to write off-list first, however, after a short
> off-list communication I was ask to provide a template for the Wiki.

I think it is very on-topic. More so since we are revisiting the website

> IMO writing about safety measures isn't that useful for the Ubuntu 
> Studio Wiki/help, but a warning might make sense.

Since we are working on a new website, perhaps it would fit well into a
FAQ, we haven't really spoken about any FAQ, but it might be pertinent.
I'm sure lots of people think that using GNU/Linux will automagicaly
make them safe. But in the same breath, we have to be careful how we put
such text so we do not generate a FUD message.

Your text is short and pertinent, i like it. In the context of a FAQ, i
would put it this way (the same with a slight mod)

> I am a multimedia activist, will Ubuntu Studio make my data secure?
> Because it is open, cares for freedom and strives for transparency, 
> it's true that Ubuntu Studio offers better control over your privacy 
> than proprietary operating systems usually do. Ubuntu Studio does not
> include software for encryption and/or anonymity, but you can and are
> free to install such tools. However, even when you use tools known
> to grant the strongest available privacy, there are still pitfalls.
> As soon as a computer is connected to the Internet, the biggest risk 
> are user errors and misunderstandings, that render even the strongest
> protections useless. Third parties not necessarily need to do
> something manipulative; a user's lack of knowledge can easily make 
> sensitive information public and once data is stored on the
> Internet, there's no way to control it.
> Journalists, activists or anybody else working with sensitive 
> information should consider to never connect computers containing 
> such information to the Internet. To learn more about how to transfer
> sensitive information to Internet securely, read [link to some guide]
> or (preferably) ask someone tech-savvy close to you who you can trust.

Set Sakrecoer

Set Hallstrom aka sakrecoer

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