[ubuntu-studio-devel] US Wiki/ help regarding data protection

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Mon Jun 20 18:37:02 UTC 2016


since list subscribers might be annoyed by a partly off-topic thread, I
decided to write off-list first, however, after a short off-list
communication I was ask to provide a template for the Wiki.

IMO writing about safety measures isn't that useful for the Ubuntu
Studio Wiki/help, but a warning might make sense.

Wiki title:

  Data protection

Wiki text:

  It's true that Ubuntu Studio by default offers stronger privacy than
  proprietary operating systems usually do, but there are still
  pitfalls, even if you're using special tools to grant strongest

  Journalists, activists or anybody else working with sensitive
  information should consider to never ever connect computers with such
  information to the Internet.

  No tool is able to protect data on a very secure level, as soon as a
  computer is connected to the Internet.

  The biggest risk are user errors and misunderstandings, that render
  even the most strongest protections useless. Third parties not
  necessarily need to do something evil, easily a user's gormlessness
  makes sensitive information public. Once data is public by the
  Internet, there's no way to undo it.

Does you agree or disagree that something similar to this text would be
good for the Wiki?


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