[ubuntu-studio-devel] Add and remove packages

Ross Gammon rosco2 at ubuntu.com
Wed Jul 27 19:39:56 UTC 2016

Hi Ralf (and other interested people),

On 07/25/2016 08:56 PM, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> On Mon, 25 Jul 2016 15:05:13 +0200, Kaj Ailomaa wrote:
>> Then, also create your PPA to which you will upload your own custom
>> meta.
> That's what I once wanted to do, but for me it's rocket science and I
> never found a simple explanation for all steps, IOW there's no demo
> with a real package, a beginner simply could copy, step by step.

It is not rocket science. Even I can manage it :-)

You will never find a simple explanation for how to package, because
there is more than one way to do it, and the steps to do it vary
depending on what you are working on, and the tools and processes also
change/improve over time.

If you know your way around the shell, how to compile software from
source, how to apply a patch, how to install packages, how to use a bug
tracker, and what version control means, you can package software for
Ubuntu. You just need to learn some of the Debian/Ubuntu specific tools
and processes. If you miss some of this knowledge, you just need time,
patience and the ability to read and use a search engine!

My starting points/references:
https://mentors.debian.net/intro-maintainers (for packaging in Debian)
http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/index.html (for packaging in Ubuntu)
The Debian Mentors mailing list and IRC channel are excellent for
getting help, and the Ubuntu MOTU team can help with Ubuntu specific

The best thing is to find a task that needs doing, and get stuck in. If
you get stuck, someone out there will know what to do, and either help
you, or just do it for you (then you can inspect what they did afterwards).

You can also ask here at any step of the way. Especially if it is one of
our packages, or our seeds.



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