[ubuntu-studio-devel] i386 EOL plans for Ubuntu Studio?

Bryan Quigley bryan.quigley at canonical.com
Tue Jul 12 21:14:35 UTC 2016

On Mon, Jul 11, 2016 at 10:13 PM, Len Ovens <len at ovenwerks.net> wrote:
> How does this affect users who use 32bit wine so they can use the standard
> 32bit VST/VSTi? In other words the biggest reason for 32 bit ISOs on 64 bit
> machines in Audio I know is to be able to use windows VST and VSTi. Aside
> from using perfectly good HW that would otherwise be thrown away.

Wine will keep working until some long long future point where we drop
i386 archive.  (Was discussed for a brief bit about being 18.10
timeframe, but that's been taken fully from the discussion).

Wine can run on a 64-bit install (as a 32-bit app), Does VST/VSTi work
in that case?

> Lets look at it anouther way. If I have 5 or 6 pieces of HW that are 32 bit
> and 3 that are 64 bit. Then I am forced to find another distro for the 32
> bit machines, what are my reasons for using Ubuntu for the few 64 bit
> machines? How many people have been introduced to Ubuntu by people giving
> new life to older HW with Ubuntu?

Option A. would just stop new users from installing 32-bit.  All the
old machines would still work for the time being.  Specifically for a
lot of the items that Ubuntu Studio is used for 64-bit is hands down
better (Audio endocding, video editing, even gimp editing can do

> Ubuntu, a word that roughly means "inclusivness", is now becoming a company
> that means exclusiveness... if you are poor and have to rely on handme downs
> -> go away.
> BTW, the idea of shutting down 32bit archives has rather an interesting
> message for basically any flavour aside from vanilla. It cuts at Lubuntu's
> reason for being... who's next?

I'm asking to have a discussion about the cost/benefits of continuing
to maintain the 32-bit ISO with every flavor.  Lubuntu has already
decided to keep i386.  So let's keep this about Ubuntu Studio.

> I expect in the future maybe we will here nerds say: We can't run linux on
> here any more... maybe try open XT.
> As an aside, reading the wiki page
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_(philosophy) Makes me wonder if there
> isn't more using words with no meaning to make oneself seem impressive and
> mark oneself as a world shaker while actually being nothing of the sort.
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> Len Ovens
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