[ubuntu-studio-devel] Would Ubuntu Studio Team be Interested in Partnering with New England Conservatory?

Set Hallstrom set at ubuntustudio.org
Sun Jul 10 10:13:58 UTC 2016

On 2016-07-10 11:48, Kaj Ailomaa wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 10, 2016, at 11:34 AM, Set Hallstrom wrote:
>> On 2016-07-10 11:10, Kaj Ailomaa wrote:
>>> Just want to mention a couple of things.
>>> The way this communication was handled here has led to that Jimmy left
>>> our team, which is a bad thing (Jimmy, me and Len are the oldest active
>>> members of this community, currently).
>>> Jimmy takes an initiative, but instead of being encouraged he is stopped
>>> by something clearly unimportant in this particular situation.
>> Ok, he took an initiative, and formulated it as an initiative on behalf
>> of the group. It was a miscommunication, ok, we get that now.
>> Why not just correct the shot instead of tacitly call a fellow team-mate
>> narrowminded contraproductive.
> Perhaps your own words describe it best. Or, if I rewrite it to
> "narrowmindedly counterproductive".
> At least, it is clear that you are very stubborn and not ready to back
> one inch from your original position - which in itself is not the Ubuntu
> Studio position, but your own personal position. You don't actually
> promote discussion. Just that you are prepared to fire more words at it,
> if someone is ready to listen to them - since you clearly are not ready
> to reevaluate your role in this project and what the project is actually
> about.

Sure, flaming someone up publicly like you do now is a good way to make
someone back down. FTR, i've expressed countless of times that i came to
understand that jimmy did NOT talk on behalf of a group. The only one
who took things personaly in this case is Jimmy. However, since you now
make this your own personal issue publicly: if anyone has a record in
bad conflict-management enabling them to be judgemental about this kind
of attitude, i don't think it is you, zequence.

>>> Using Google Hangouts for live communication would in no way mean Ubuntu
>>> Studio is promoting Google - just that a few people would be using a
>>> very simple solution for live communication. If Set feels other tools
>>> would be better, and simple enough to set up, he can always work out the
>>> solution and present it as an alternative, once he has done so.
>> No, it was jimmy's initiative. If HE wants to help with video HE should
>> set up a sollution for video conference. Using hangouts or skype would
>> exclude major part of the team from taking part.
> It would evidently exclude one person - the project lead, who is not
> ready to be flexible enough to meet the needs of the rest of the team.

I'm affraid it is not up to you to decide. And i find it ironcial that
you of all past project leads invoke flexibility.

But sure, set up a vote: Who is the villain that should be fired? Good
Ubuntu Studio spirit my friend.

>> And like i said MANY times, i don't care what jimmy does in his
>> freetime. However, being a member of the team, if jimmy writes "we" to a
>> 3rd part in the context of this list then he has to assume to be read as
>> taking an initiative on behlaf of the group. This is basic
>> communciation. Had that mail of his been sent off-list directly to Devin
>> nothing of this would have been necessary. There was already clear signs
>> of confusion in the discussion regarding what the team could do for NEC
>> or not, i felt Jimmy's freelance shot had the potential to build uppon
>> that confusion and corrected that.
>> Believe it or not, i have regards concerning Jimmy. I do enjoy him as a
>> person. But this drama number has severely affected me personaly and the
>> way i perceive him. Trying to look back i wonder what he has done, but i
>> sure know it is the 3rd time he calls me out for being a conservative
>> freesoftware extremist. And Last time someone slammed the door on me
>> over a simple disagreement, i was a teenager.
>>> Our work is to promote Ubuntu Studio, which in itself is not 100% free
>>> software, so having zero tolerance to non-free software in combination
>>> with Ubuntu Studio is hypocrisy. It is not up to us who uses free
>>> software, and we couldn't provide a 100% free software solution anyway
>>> already because of the kernel. If someone wants to use a completely free
>>> solution Ubuntu Studio is not the right choice - neither for the user or
>>> the developer. It's just an impossibility.
>>> That said, we do promote free software. And we do that through Ubuntu
>>> Studio, which is where the focus should be. Using non free services in
>>> order to reach as many people as possible is unfortunate, but it is also
>>> the best way to do that in this moment. Not using those services will
>>> just add barriers where there already are too many barriers, in order
>>> for people to discover the free software world.
>>> We are not crusading against Google, Facebook, or any other such
>>> services. We are not *against* non-free software, in fact. But, we are
>>> *for* free software. It's a big difference.
>> Exactly, we are FOR free software. That means we should first look for
>> freesoftware alternatives. If you come with a plan, than make it happen.
> There was already a good plan. But, there was only one person in the
> team who was against it, and it was you.

What was the good plan? Video conference with an inactive memeber? To
talk about issues only canonical can resolve... please...

>> Now i understand Jimmy did NOT speak on behalf of the group. Why is
>> that? Maybe he hasn't felt like a member for a long time? I don't know,
>> i can just speculate. His departue sure is a loss, and i wish things
>> would have worked out differently. But they didn't. I understand you
>> stand up for your buddy, but reviving this discussion is not going to
>> sort anything out.
>> If anyone has a problem with with my attitude in this discussion and
>> think there is something i should learn, i welcome them to bring it up
>> with either me or jimmy off-list.
>> Thank you.
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