[ubuntu-studio-devel] Would Ubuntu Studio Team be Interested in Partnering with New England Conservatory?

Set Hallstrom set at ubuntustudio.org
Sun Jul 10 09:34:59 UTC 2016

On 2016-07-10 11:10, Kaj Ailomaa wrote:
> Just want to mention a couple of things.
> The way this communication was handled here has led to that Jimmy left
> our team, which is a bad thing (Jimmy, me and Len are the oldest active
> members of this community, currently).
> Jimmy takes an initiative, but instead of being encouraged he is stopped
> by something clearly unimportant in this particular situation.

Ok, he took an initiative, and formulated it as an initiative on behalf
of the group. It was a miscommunication, ok, we get that now.

Why not just correct the shot instead of tacitly call a fellow team-mate
narrowminded contraproductive.

> Using Google Hangouts for live communication would in no way mean Ubuntu
> Studio is promoting Google - just that a few people would be using a
> very simple solution for live communication. If Set feels other tools
> would be better, and simple enough to set up, he can always work out the
> solution and present it as an alternative, once he has done so.

No, it was jimmy's initiative. If HE wants to help with video HE should
set up a sollution for video conference. Using hangouts or skype would
exclude major part of the team from taking part.

And like i said MANY times, i don't care what jimmy does in his
freetime. However, being a member of the team, if jimmy writes "we" to a
3rd part in the context of this list then he has to assume to be read as
taking an initiative on behlaf of the group. This is basic
communciation. Had that mail of his been sent off-list directly to Devin
nothing of this would have been necessary. There was already clear signs
of confusion in the discussion regarding what the team could do for NEC
or not, i felt Jimmy's freelance shot had the potential to build uppon
that confusion and corrected that.

Believe it or not, i have regards concerning Jimmy. I do enjoy him as a
person. But this drama number has severely affected me personaly and the
way i perceive him. Trying to look back i wonder what he has done, but i
sure know it is the 3rd time he calls me out for being a conservative
freesoftware extremist. And Last time someone slammed the door on me
over a simple disagreement, i was a teenager.

> Our work is to promote Ubuntu Studio, which in itself is not 100% free
> software, so having zero tolerance to non-free software in combination
> with Ubuntu Studio is hypocrisy. It is not up to us who uses free
> software, and we couldn't provide a 100% free software solution anyway
> already because of the kernel. If someone wants to use a completely free
> solution Ubuntu Studio is not the right choice - neither for the user or
> the developer. It's just an impossibility.
> That said, we do promote free software. And we do that through Ubuntu
> Studio, which is where the focus should be. Using non free services in
> order to reach as many people as possible is unfortunate, but it is also
> the best way to do that in this moment. Not using those services will
> just add barriers where there already are too many barriers, in order
> for people to discover the free software world.
> We are not crusading against Google, Facebook, or any other such
> services. We are not *against* non-free software, in fact. But, we are
> *for* free software. It's a big difference.

Exactly, we are FOR free software. That means we should first look for
freesoftware alternatives. If you come with a plan, than make it happen.

Now i understand Jimmy did NOT speak on behalf of the group. Why is
that? Maybe he hasn't felt like a member for a long time? I don't know,
i can just speculate. His departue sure is a loss, and i wish things
would have worked out differently. But they didn't. I understand you
stand up for your buddy, but reviving this discussion is not going to
sort anything out.

If anyone has a problem with with my attitude in this discussion and
think there is something i should learn, i welcome them to bring it up
with either me or jimmy off-list.

Thank you.

Set Hallstrom aka sakrecoer

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