[ubuntu-studio-devel] Would Ubuntu Studio Team be Interested in Partnering with New England Conservatory?

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Subject: Re: [ubuntu-studio-devel] Would Ubuntu Studio Team be Interested in Partnering with New England Conservatory?
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fredagen den 8:e juli 2016 kl. 19:31:14 CEST, Jimmy Sjölund
<jimmy at sjolund.se> skrev:

>> We could set up a
>> video call or Google Hangout if you would like to discuss a bit
>> more easily.

Have you joined canonical Jimmy?

Afaik, ubuntu studio has no tools for video conference available.
No, not really.

I'm no one to tell you if you should or not join efforts with NEC to help
them free their computing, but if you do; please do so on your own behalf.
If you want to include the team to spend time and energy in a video
conference to help a third part, at least make sure you discuss the options
with- and set up the tools for the team first.
No, of course I wouldn't set up a meeting for someone else. If Devin would be interested to discuss open source with someone in the community I would try to make that happen, within my own schedule. As he wrote it was difficult through email I suggested another form of communication that might be easier.

Misunderstand me right, I'd love to see you point us to existing tools or
set freesoftware video conferences up so that the devel team can discuss
internal issues more easily. However, hangouts or skype are no options.
How the devel team discuss internal things was not in scope. I suggested using a video conference or Google Hangout with another person, hence the "we". Not "we" as everyone on the list.
As Canonical (or anyone else) has not found any good alternative so far, all Ubuntu conferences have used Google Hangout for years. Unfortunate yes, but until good alternatives are available that is what they have chosen. As I suggested a call with someone outside of the open source world a hangout might be the best way to start as it much more likely that they have used it before or at least will be able to easily set it up to discuss matters. At a later stage other means of communication might be used.

Saying that it's not an option to use anything other than free software it's quite narrow minded and not very productive. What you chose to use for internal discussions within the devel team is up to you and the team. Besides, what I use as a person to help someone out, who is considering trying to use open source, is up to me.

Surely, I would not make any promises or speak on behalf of the whole community or Canonical or anything. But to listen to NEC and their questions and perhaps point them in a direction to get answers. That's how the community works.

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