[ubuntu-studio-devel] ubuntu-studio-devel Digest, Vol 105, Issue 27

Daniel M Gessel daniel at syntheticblue.com
Sun Jan 31 12:19:58 UTC 2016

> Kaj Ailomaa wrote:
> Ubuntu Studio is not specific to a desktop environment, and there are
> plans (but no concrete work) on making Ubuntu Studio desktop agnostic,
> making it possible to choose your favorite DE during installation of
> Ubuntu Studio (when having an internet connection).
> So, if you really feel like switching DEs is a good idea, keep the topic
> going, and see who would like to work on that. I would rather make
> Ubuntu Studio desktop agnostic instead, and improve how one can make any
> Ubuntu flavor quickly suitable for audio production specifically, since
> the other areas don't suffer as much from generic system settings.

I don’t really have an agenda - I’m doing graphics programming to up my skills - looking forward to Vulkan. I’m running Linux because I grew up on commercial Unixes (SGI, Sun, Digital's Alpha), but it’s been 15 years of Mac and Windows and I can see I don’t have the the working knowledge of the Linux world to be a contributor yet.

I have no specific agenda - getting used to this new “digital home” (as Set Sakrecoer described it) means dealing with my preferred peripherals (tablet is a biggie, since I like to draw).

I think trying a few different desktop environments might be a good idea (I have spare OS partitions if I get stuck and need to reinstall!). If spamming the list is a waste, I’d be happy to get recommendations directly: daniel at syntheticblue.com <mailto:daniel at syntheticblue.com> — Thanks!
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