[ubuntu-studio-devel] Destktop/Window Manager

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Fri Jan 29 15:02:11 UTC 2016

On Fri, Jan 29, 2016, at 12:00 AM, Daniel M Gessel wrote:
> Created launch pad account.
> I’m sure this is a total Newbie question, but is there a 25 word reason
> for not using compiz/Unity? It feels pretty solid, though I’d like to
> have more flexibility controlling the environment with my touch tablet. 

Ubuntu Studio is not specific to a desktop environment, and there are
plans (but no concrete work) on making Ubuntu Studio desktop agnostic,
making it possible to choose your favorite DE during installation of
Ubuntu Studio (when having an internet connection).

XFCE was chosen when Gnome went Gnome3, and Unity was young, and those
were different times. A lot of people had the idea that both those DEs
were moving away from the desktop, which apparently was not true, but
there is some controversy around both those DEs, and well, IMO there
isn't a clear candidate for a default DE, if we were to choose one
But, since we already do have a default DE, it would require some work
on changing it - nothing impossible, but still, work that someone would
need to do.

And I would like to add this word of advice if you want to become a

If you have the support of the community here, you can just go ahead and
do any kind of development as you please.
Each developer is free to do the things they are willing to do, unless
having made some sort of a commitment - like say being a project lead,
or some other kind of lead - where you will be responsible for certain
things and at least need to make sure they are working and functional,
but beyond that - since we are all volunteers, no one can order anyone
else to do anything - which is why it can be hard to make something
happen, unless you are willing to do some work yourself.

So, if you really feel like switching DEs is a good idea, keep the topic
going, and see who would like to work on that. I would rather make
Ubuntu Studio desktop agnostic instead, and improve how one can make any
Ubuntu flavor quickly suitable for audio production specifically, since
the other areas don't suffer as much from generic system settings.

On that note, when someone installs ubuntustudio-audio, or
ubuntustudio-audio-core, we should probably let -controls notify the
user that adding RT privilege might be a good idea, if that hasn't been
added already. So, that is actually one huge little detail to improve
the life of any DE user who wants to make music on their Ubuntu.

/Kaj (Current Project Lead)

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