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Daniel M Gessel daniel at syntheticblue.com
Fri Jan 29 13:11:06 UTC 2016

> On 1/28/2016 at 6:01 PM, "Daniel M Gessel" <daniel at syntheticblue.com> wrote:
>>  is there a 25 word reason for not using compiz/Unity?

Thanks for the replies!

lukefromdc at hushmail.com <mailto:lukefromdc at hushmail.com> wrote:

> Too different from the traditional Win95 layout for many power users, and
> all desktop environments optimized for one fullscreened app at a time are
> poorly suited to running multiple media applications with drag and drop
> between them. 

I’ve run fast and far from windows on purpose... I keep getting told to use DX on Windows for graphics programming to get at the latest GPU features - having been in that industry, I know that, yes, Win gets the attention, but I can’t do that to myself again!

So there is an orientation for the installed window manager/environment to be "Win95 like"?

/Jimmy wrote:

> Resources. When I do audio or video work I want as much of the computer's
> resources available as possible for that specific purpose. I've even
> changed to dwm instead of xfce and after login it use like 120 MB. Logging
> into Unity use above 1GB. To me that's just wasting my computer power on
> nothing. But to you it might better as you use touch.

Is switching window managers considered typical usage in Ubuntu-Studio, or is the goal to be “configured right” at install? DWM looks like a nice option based on what I see about resource usage and tight code size. I like “less is more".

Ralf Mardorf mentioned that the WM was “subject to change”. Would part of the team like to see DWM on install?

Touch+pen enhancements might be a good project for me - I’ve always wanted to do pen-based interface design and touch is now appealing; I expect I’d have to dive into the whole SW stack (input drivers to applications) - including the window manager - DWM’s simplicity is appealing as a start point.

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