[ubuntu-studio-devel] New to Ubuntu Studio!

Daniel M Gessel daniel at syntheticblue.com
Tue Jan 26 13:10:44 UTC 2016

> Kaj Ailomaa wrote:
> As an organization, it is doubtful that Ubuntu Studio could have any
> affiliation with a company which would involve money. However, there's
> nothing that prevents collaboration between any entity as long as it
> means the product is free and open source software.
> I think it would be great to get some feedback from that kind of
> companies about Ubuntu Studio though

Okay - I’ll start with trying to find out about their awareness of and interest in Linux/Ubuntu/Ubuntu Studio. No promises on either end. I can think of a few scenarios that would make sense for both parties but I’ll rein in my imagination until I’m up to speed. Thanks.
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