[ubuntu-studio-devel] Default Wallpaper Design, WAS: Re: ubuntu-studio-devel Digest, Vol 106, Issue 15

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Fri Feb 19 13:02:04 UTC 2016

On Thu, Feb 18, 2016, at 07:25 PM, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> If you consider "red" as too aggressiv and perhaps too dominating, then
> replacing it by "orange" breaks your idea of "video is a mix of audio
> and graphics".
> You could solve it by not replacing "red" by "orange", but instead by
> giving the colours a pastel shade.
> IOW instead of
>        "Blue -        violet -        orange" consider to use
> "pastel blue - pastel violet - pastel red"

Would you be interesting in providing us with an example of these
colors, so we can see for ourselves?

I'm not an expert in colors, so much of my reasoning is not perfect.
When I use the three colors, the blue is changed during the process when
mixing it with other components of the full image. At least when using
it as a background component.
I have found a mix of the three colors I've mentioned to look good, and
that is of course the most important thing. Using the colors for our
three categories would then give some symbolism, even if they are not
fully logical according to either the color cycle, or how we perceive

> so the viewer is able to follow the idea of "video is a mix of audio
> and graphics". The "pastel blue" isn't the Ubuntu Studio logo default
> colour, but that doesn't matter and anyway wouldn't make sense, since
> Ubuntu Studio isn't = audio, audio is just the most likely most
> important domain of Ubuntu Studio, which is good represented by a
> different shade of blue.
> You not necessarily need to follow the idea [1] "video is a mix of audio
> and graphics", but if you do so, it needs to "add up", you also could
> mix "blue" with another colour, but then the result needs to be
> plausible for at least one, additive mixing of colours or for
> subtractive mixing of colours.
> [1] Actually video not necessarily is a mix of audio and video, keyword
>     "silent movie", OTOH the idea to mix colours for the design is a
>     good idea, makes sense, but it's not absolutely correct, video and
>     audio always are two separated things, even while film comes with
>     analog optical sound,
>     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_Dynamic_Digital_Sound#/media/File:35mm_film_audio_macro.jpg
>     we usually often can't mix optical impressions with audio
>     impressions, especially for digital television that often isn't
>     lip-sync :D.

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