[ubuntu-studio-devel] Testing Milestones coming up

Ross Gammon retail at the-gammons.net
Sat Feb 13 15:41:16 UTC 2016

Hi All,

We have a busy few weeks coming up with various freezes and releases, so
standby for announcements asking for help in testing packages and ISO

Ubuntu Studio Trusty LTS 14.04.4 Release - 18th Feb 2016
We need to confirm that that the installation works by having a few
people test the ISO from Monday - Wednesday:
The 14.04.4 milestone is not on the tracker yet, but if you want to give
it a spin over the weekend, try the Trusty Daily image for Ubuntu Studio
& let us know how you get on.

Ubuntu Studio Xenial - Debian Import Freeze - 18th Feb 2016
On the 18th Feb, automatic syncing of packages from Debian will stop.
That means that we should test that all of our important packages are
working. If something is broken, we need to try and get it fixed, or a
newer version manually synced from Debian before the release:
Take one of the Xenial Dailies for a spin now, and run a few test cases!

Ubuntu Studio Xenial - 1st Beta - 25th Feb 2016
Just before the 25th, we will need to take the 1st Beta ISO for a spin.

The instructions are on the linked QA tracker pages. But ask for help
here or on IRC if you need help.



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