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The CPU governor is easily controlled in any DE. Ubuntu offers 
indicator-cpufreq, which will also work as a tray applet when not
in Unity. I've used it in MATE, IceWM, Cinnamon, even gnome-shell
so it should have no trouble in XFCE either.  Many DE's offer their
own CPU governor controls (Cinnamon and MATE both do) but 
this one is cross-DE and can be used to set any available CPU
governor as needed. 

I normally turn it all the way up for video rendering due to Kdenlive
slowing on the OnDemand governor and use OnDemand for everything

On 12/7/2016 at 7:16 PM, "Len Ovens" <len at ovenwerks.net> wrote:
>On Wed, 7 Dec 2016, eylul wrote:
>> Lets assume I am an user. :)
>> I want to create a new boot setup (with system tweaks). I have 
>to set up
>> the system tweaks, twice on each tab. (or change the boot setup, 
>then be
>> mystified why settings aren't affected as I change them).
>The boot settings could change the now values as well, that would 
>be easy 
>enough. But the now values do not always want the boot values 
>changed. For 
>example a laptop user may wish to boot without performance to 
>battery life only turning it on when needed. A desktop user who 
>does a lot 
>of sw building may like to have boost available for building (15 
>min is 
>better than 20)
>> Similarly presets doesn't help me at all, if I want to switch 
>back and
>> forth between 2 setups.(unless I want a preset change that also 
>> audio setup AND tablet setup AND boot setup). I have to change 
>> manually to use the in session tweaks (and potentially look up 
>> time what correct setting is).
>You want three sets of presets? It is doable I suppose. But if one 
>stays the same there is no need to change it every time, it will 
>still be 
>there from where the system is now. Maybe I don't understand. But 
>preset part right now is just a placeholder, it doesn't do 
>> This is why it is important that the system tweaks are its own 
>> where there can be a default one to use in boot.
>I am confused. maybe use exact values/parameter names to explain.
>> Similarly the current preset solution requires me to recreate 
>the audio
>> setup (and graphics setup) each time I create a preset for any 
>Why? Only if it changes.
>> It makes much more sense for these to have their own profiles, 
>> having a default one on boot. (then underlying structure can 
>deal with
>> issues like: does this mean jack is started on boot or not).
>Own profiles? I am not sure what you mean by a profile. Do you 
>mean own 
>tab? Do you want to rearange what is on each tab? That is not hard 
>to do.
>> Also each of these have different change rates:
>> * Boot decision is something that will likely rarely change.
>So it has it's own tab. It might make more sense for it to be the 
>last tab 
>rather than the first. I am just working from where things were 
>> * For audio: there might be a couple of profiles that switches 
>back and
>> forth (for 2 recording setups with different sample rates, or a 
>> or gaming profile that turns off zita to avoid extra processing 
>> waste. :D)
>While I understand this is just an example, it is probably best 
>to find the rate that works best with your audio interface and 
>edit, mix etc. at that rate. At export is the time (not realtime 
>BTW) to 
>decide what SR is right for distribution. In general most audio 
>cards work 
>best at 48000. (the analog filters are set to have the sweet spot 
>That aside changing master device for jack is quite common for 
>that use a USB IF at home and mix to internal on the road. 
>buffer sizes are also common with a larger buffer for mixdown than 
>tracking and a smaller buffer than either for live effects or 
>> * Graphic tablet setup on the other hand, ideally changes every 
>time one
>> switches software! (one of the primary aspects of more 
>> tablets is that they have shortcuts buttons on the side and most
>> artists/designers like to adjust them to various shortcuts by 
>> basis. Some open source programs do allow their own overrides 
>but not all)
>If a tablet shows itself as a file in /dev/input/ it is possible 
>to catch 
>tablet key press events. They could be mapped to whatever. In any 
>case, I 
>would like to add a tablet or graphics tab, but honestly don't 
>know what 
>setting are available let alone which way is which. Someone will 
>have to 
>tell me what they are and I will add them. A bash script or 
>command line 
>examples would be great.
>> Ralf is right in that too many choices will cause more user 
>problems in
>> the end, and that the GUI needs to be arranged based on how users
>> perceive what they are doing, rather than how we know things 
>> work under the hood. Some extra options (in this case, under the 
>That is what presets are for. Naming the presets so the user can 
>go "that 
>looks like the one for me" and be correct most of the time is what 
>I am 
>looking for. If we want more than one set of presets for different 
>that is possible. As I have said that is a part I have not started 
>will not be starting till I have mostly done with adding settings.
>> E.g.: checkbox to change CPU profile to performance: What is my 
>> profile when it is unchecked? (ergo, why I had a drop down menu 
>> selecting CPU profile in my wireframe).
>Len does not care what kind of widgets get used... index 0 or 1 is 
>same as true or false. I just used what was already being used.
>My idea for audio is to come up with a default that just works for 
>people (doing audio) along with a preset that allows other user 
>not to be 
>setup for audio if they really want to. The thing is, I don't 
>change my 
>setting much. I run jack all the time if I am coding, utubing, or 
>audio. The only change I really make is for live kinds of use 
>where I 
>really need low latency. I sometimes use guitarix for effects, and 
>I play 
>around on keyboards somewhat more than that. Despite what people 
>may have 
>said about using jack all the time and running pulse into it, 
>things work 
>amazingly well on all the machines I have used that way. Including 
>wife's machine which is mostly firefox and skype with the odd "I 
>want to 
>sing along make my mic live" (I was hoping she might try recording 
>I really think it should be possible with the tools we have now to 
>to pulse as a front end for jack for everyday use... I am not sure 
>happens when blue tooth headsets are added (not supported by alsa 
>so far 
>as I know) or even the user plugs a headset in. But these are 
>things to 
>learn, pulse has it figured out, we should be able to as well. In 
>the end 
>there will probably need to be a way to opt out of jack as a back 
>end, if 
>for no other reason besides someone is sure they need it. Not 
>pulse, as always, is left as an exercise for the user :)  (no I am 
>firm on that)
>I could write more, but really I need to have some anwers here so 
>maybe I 
>won't have to ask them all :)  There is no problem with wanting 
>different, I am only adding things I know help me or at least 
>someone I 
>know. We all have different talents and I lack what other seem to 
>have so 
>it fits well.
>Len Ovens
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