[ubuntu-studio-devel] Important: Ubuntu/Debian Security Hole

Yoshi monovegan at mm.st
Tue Aug 30 20:31:07 UTC 2016

To:  Ubuntu Studio developers

There is allegedly a recently published security hole in the
"Ubuntu/Debian update mechanism" involving authentication and
signatures.  Please relay this info up your development ladders to those
who may know how to approach fixing and closing the hole.  And if you
guys/gals/people, as developers, know how to fix the hole, don't
hesitate to develop those solutions so that the Ubuntu community can
resolve the software holes eventually.  

You are welcome to forward this message as is to anyone else in the
Ubuntu Development community, but I won't be speculating on nor
elaborating about the issue.  I'm not a programmer, so I wouldn't know
how to talk about it anyhow.  

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