[ubuntu-studio-devel] Ardour5 bug probably causing build failure - WAS:Re: Ardour 5 just landed in debian

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Wed Aug 17 17:25:41 UTC 2016

On Wed, Aug 17, 2016, at 07:26 AM, Ross Gammon wrote:
> Just checked, and Ardour 5 is in yakkety.
> On 08/16/2016 05:43 PM, Set Hallstrom wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Len just announced on IRC that Ardour 5 landed in debian
> > https://packages.qa.debian.org/a/ardour.html
> >
> > Do i read this correctly:
> > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages#Requesting_a_new_package_for_Ubuntu
> >
> > if i think it will be synced automatically, since FF and DIF is tomorrow?
> >
> > Do we have time to include it in 16.10?
> >
> > Yours,
> >

Just checked the error log, and it seems ardour5 is what is causing the
build failure. I will remove it from our meta and do a bug report for
it. Once the bug is fixed, it can be readded.

This could be the cause. We had a talk about it on IRC as well.

I will try and see if I can commit a fix to Debian source today, and ask
for an upload (both in Debian, and Ubuntu). Won't have much time the
rest of the week for this though.

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