[ubuntu-studio-devel] Website

eylul eylul at ubuntustudio.org
Tue Aug 16 20:29:51 UTC 2016


So, the bulk of the website is done, and it would be great to deploy it 
before we have to focus on the release. This gives us until the end of 
September or so.

Below is an overview of what needs done. Feel free to add to this.


* We need the links/licenses on stock images used in creation of the 
background images, before we can put the site up. Even if these are 
CC-0, it is best to have that information stored somewhere. If they are 
other forms of creative commons, depending on the license we might need 
to credit them.

The keyboard photo belongs to Set. Geirdal could you give us links to 
the rest of stock photos you used, so that we have a record of that 


A good portion of the content of the website has either been 
substantially edited, or written from scratch. Here is a list of all 
static pages, with some notes where extra scrutiny is especially needed.

Could we commit to finish this review by end of August?

0) General:

* is the footer correct?

* is the menu correct?

* are we missing any critical pages or content before putting up the site?

1) Front page: http://www.ubuntustudio.zequence.net/

* is "downloads" link working?

* are social media accounts correct?

* feature tour and general information had a few eyes on it already, but 
it wouldn't hurt to review.

2) Downloads: http://www.ubuntustudio.zequence.net/downloads/

* are links working? (especially the ones to 16.04).

* the text is copy pasted and reformatted from the current site, but it 
can use a quick review.

3) Support: http://www.ubuntustudio.zequence.net/support/

     Contribute: http://www.ubuntustudio.zequence.net/contribute/

* double checking of outside links, especially making sure webchat and 
mailing list links work.

* these two went through some reviewing already but there are also new 
content. Thus, it wouldn't hurt to check.

4) Merchandise: http://www.ubuntustudio.zequence.net/merchandise/

* is the "legal" section information correct?

* any other missing/incorrect information?


* From what I understand, we do need to have the Live Compositor plugin 
and the child theme uploaded to the main site, before we can move the 

Thanks :)



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