[ubuntu-studio-devel] Hellotux shop

ttoine ttoine at ttoine.net
Fri Aug 12 15:06:57 UTC 2016

> Seemingly shirts are more important than knowledge.
Ralf: when it comes to packaging and code or other technical stuff you
master, I don't tell you what to do. And I will never ever do. This is how
I respect your knowledge.

About shirts and swag, and marketing in Floss, trust me, this is my field
of expertise and I know why I spend time on it for Ubuntu Studio.

That said, my apologise for not respecting the netiquette and being a bit
rude with you. I respect your contributions and the time you spend around
Ubuntu Studio. And I hope that you will continue to be there with your

However, please, next time we speak about communication, let other people
from the team manage that.
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