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and yes, I don't follow the netiquette...

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2016-08-12 15:37 GMT+02:00 ttoine <ttoine at ttoine.net>:

> Actually my RME PCIe card doesn't work with any Linux distro. For
>> testing purpose I installed Windows and FreeBSD and there is no issue
>> to get it working on Windows and FreeBSD.
> FYI: http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Vendor-RME ->
> sorry that you purchased a not supported soundcard, maybe you should have
> checked before.
> I owned and ran many PCI and PC card RME sound card, including the
> Multiface II and the 9632, the Echo Indigo I/O and an Echo firewire sound
> card (non exhaustive list). The 9654 is still in use in one of the Studio I
> work with from time to time, with Ubuntu Studio, Ardour or Harrison Mixbus.
> And YES, I did the debug for that with Ubuntu alsa packager, I even
> negociate with Medibuntu that they host alsa-firmware when it was not
> possible to have it in Ubuntu repositories.
>> No need to continue off-list. It's absolutely inappropriate to
>> "announce" a shop that sells the COF on clothes by an official Ubuntu
>> Studio channel.
> You are getting stupid.
>>  Buzz marketing...
>> You could even sell or give
>> away clothes, stickers, patches etc. and even spread news about
>> commercial Linux related hardware and software, but announcing a shop
>> that sells clothes and/or cups, alcohol free-beer and similar unrelated
>> things is a bad attitude, since without doubts it's an offence against
>> the term "libre". Selling and announcing Emacs, install media etc. is
>> absolutely ok. Selling clothes is as well ok, just announcing such a
>> shop by an noncommercial distro sucks out loud. You can't seriously
>> consider mentioning this and giving examples what could go wrong, a bad
>> tone of voice.
> This is only your point of view. And, to be clear, I am starting to think
> that this is not your field of expertise. (I will try to stay polite, as
> Set asked)
>> I programmed free pro-midi software on the C64 and shared self-made
>> audio and MIDI circuits, when this didn't exist for Linux, "an operating
>> system kernel first released on October 5, 1991"[1] and I chose Linux
>> regarding the strictness FLOSS attitude. I'm even not against
>> proprietary software and hardware, IOW I'm even not against mixing both
>> domains, the proprietary with Linux, but there is a limit and this is
>> mixing software and hardware with e.g. fashion ware.
> Again, this is your point of view. Nobody will force you to buy or wear a
> Ubuntu Studio short.
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