[ubuntu-studio-devel] Hellotux shop

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Thu Aug 11 22:53:57 UTC 2016

On Fri, 12 Aug 2016 00:24:29 +0200, ttoine wrote:
>"If a company is selling clothes with the COF, then they are free to
>do so, but it's questionable to announce this by an official Ubuntu
>Studio channel." -> the fact is that they are not free to do so:
>Ubuntu Studio and the logo are trademarks registered by Canonical. The
>use of the Ubuntu word in the IT world is registered. I don't know how
>to make it more clear. Canonical asked me to manage who can use this
>brand/logo for merchandising, without benefit.

Are they allowed to use it or aren't they? If they are allowed to do
it, then they are free to do it, right?

>What I would like to understand is why the hell speaking about
>something is bad. This is information, this is "hey if you want, this
>is available".

What have the clothes to do with the software? Nothing! Absolutely
nothing! Somebody allows them to use the logo, that's ok, but it makes
no sense to announce a product of a shop.

>If we don't inform our community, how they are aware that this is

If they want clothes, they should search for clothes. It's not the
business of a FLOSS distro to advertise what some shop sells.

>how are they aware we are active???? Maybe you don't
>care about that (at least, it looks like you don't). But I know people
>who are interested. And when we set up the Spreadshirt shop in the
>past, this was because the team, at this time, was trying to take care
>of Ubuntu Studio enthusiasts.
>If a vendor would create an application, or hardware/devices, that
>would work out of the box with Ubuntu Studio, we should tell that on
>the blog. And perhaps, we should build a list of hardware and
>application, even if this is not open source, that are working out of
>the box with Ubuntu Studio... (e.g: Lightworks, Blackmagic, Mixbus)
>This is not promotion of the vendors. At all. This is informing the
>user: your device/app is working out of the box. This is making it
>easy. This is attracting new users to Ubuntu Studio.
>And with swag, they can show that they use it. Peope can ask them
>question about what it is, if it is working well, why they like it.
>Actually, you should have a look at that: https://opensource.com/
>What Ubuntu Studio is missing today to be more popular, with more
>people involved, is good communication and marketing. This is swag.
>This is good relationship with the developers. This is us,
>communicating about great stuff related Ubuntu Studio. I dream that we
>could have a website/communication like elementaryOS or Linux Mint.
>If you think that being active in Ubuntu Studio is just code, packaging
>and back-ports, background selection, or keep focused on xfce, you are
>completely wrong. Open source is not for developers only. Every great
>communities has a lot of users, being Ubuntu or Wordpress. Libre
>Office is really starting to attract a lot of people, now that their
>focus is on end-users. Code is only a few part of the success of a
>project. We should all have the end-users in mind when we do something
>about Ubuntu Studio. How they use it? how they find it? What do they
>10 years ago, now, I and others co-funded Ubuntu Studio because it was
>obvious in our mind. We could have instead of contributing to 64Studio
>and other projects too complicated. But we had the end users in mind
>and Ubuntu was the easiest distribution. Users would like to have an
>easy to install/use GNU/Linux distribution for multimedia production.
>We spent hours, and our money, during many years, debugging drivers,
>firmwares, testing kernels, wrote documentation, and a ton of shit
>like that without being IT engineers. For some of us, even without
>being coders. And 4 years later, in 2010, we had the first very well
>welcomed release. This is working well since.
>But at this very moment, writing this email, I am really pissed of by
>Ralf' answers. I just fucking try to promote Ubuntu Studio. 10 years,
>guys, 10 years. And Ubuntu Studio is a for sure a working project, but
>with a small team of maintainers, and no real community using it and
>supporting it.
>With all the energy/money I spent on this project, I am really sad to
>see answers like Ralf's. If you don't understand communication, let
>that to people who understand, but please, stop telling us what we
>should or should not do. Keep coding (or whatever are your
>I really hope that Ubuntu Studio will evolve. It deserves it.

I bet I understand more about design and communication than you ever
will be able to understand. You are naive and your naive ideas add a
bad taste to FLOSS.

For what purpose do you want to advertise clothes? Linux Mint is one of
the most worse distros I know. It's exactly this point, everybody
knows it, everybody loves it and all users ask for support on channels
that have nothing to do with Mint, because there is no huge experienced
Mint community and there's no good support by Mint forums or mailing
lists and I already mentioned that Ubuntu Studio Wikis are weak, too
and regarding the idiotic policy that they cannot be as simple edited as
every other serious Wiki, this is something much more important than
ridiculous clothes.

Btw. please explain what the money you spend in around 10 years have to
do with this shop. Is there some relation? Why do you mention this? It
becomes more and more suspect.


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