[ubuntu-studio-devel] Hellotux shop

Thomas Pfundt tux at pfundtdesign.de
Thu Aug 11 11:03:50 UTC 2016

On 11.08.2016 11:30, ttoine wrote:

> FYI, the swag is available: https://www.hellotux.com/ubuntu_studio
> It's up to you guys to speak about it or not, or to add that to our
> websites. They told me they will send me a polo, so I should be able
> to share a picture of a real product soon.

Hi Antoine,

first of all, I like the idea of offering apparel and merchandise. Some
people feel that wearing and representing a brand like this is too
_loud_, but if it makes one person curious and he or she looks it up and
gets interested in the system, that's a success in my opinion, so more
power to that.

However, judging by the pictures, the print seems poorly executed,
unfortunately. I don't know if the editor just missed copying one
element for the display photo or something went wrong, but the middle
sphere is missing in the logo on the shirt, I'm probably not the only
one to notice this. Also, as far as I'm aware, the original glyph
consists of a blue surface with transparent circles/cutouts, so the
areas in between should actually be black and not white on the black
shirts. This makes it look a bit random and inconsistent and if I've
learned anything in my corporate design courses, then it is that such
representative means of display have to be really accurate and
recognisable. In that sense, I would actually rather not have them offer
black shirts at all if they're not able to reproduce the logo 100%
correctly (counting for all channels of distribution). But maybe the
logo is created on a free license any way and I'm a bit too "anal" about
this matter right now... ;)

On 11.08.2016 11:30, ttoine wrote:
> Next step, I would like to create a Ubuntu Studio sticker on
> Stickermule.com. I already ordered stickers from their shop in the
> past for my job, this is true high quality stuff. What do you think?
> it could be very good to have sticker like that on our laptops, isn't it?

For me personally, the same points as above apply here. If done
accurately, it's a great cause in my opinion. I must say that I'm
generally not the biggest fan of the fat, square, glossy stickers that
RMS has on his laptop and that come with the Minifree machines. Nearly
all of the girls from marketing in my study also used to have those on
their macbooks and I just think it looks really childish and
unprofessional. Sorry for sounding judgemental here, but that's just how
I feel about it. You can stick everything you want on your personal
laptop, but I don't think those are suitable for professional

Although, I also have to admit that I once had an Ubuntu sticker on one
of my own laptops a while ago, which was this exact one:

The laptop had a chrome Asus logo on the lid and I put it right behind
that, so it blended in really well and looked pretty much legit to the
naked eye. However, that's not something to cover the brand, of course,
but maybe one of those "transfer stickers" would also be a good option
for the Ubuntu Studio logo (again, because of peculiarities with the

Just my two cents on this whole topic. TL;DR: If you do it, make sure
it's done right. :)

Kind regards,

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