[ubuntu-studio-devel] Shimmer and Numix (was: unmet dependencies)

Ross Gammon rosco at ubuntustudio.org
Fri Aug 5 19:47:23 UTC 2016

I saw it :-)

I have always been very boring, and just got on with what ever default
theme was given to me by my distro. So I generally don't have much of an
opinion in this area.

So - a go for it from me. The less delta we have from xubuntu, the
easier it is to get help from those guys.



On 08/05/2016 09:12 PM, Set Hallstrom wrote:
> Hi all,
> Bellow i paste this email i sent Thu, 28 Jul 2016  to ask you for your
> opinion. It got nested in another thread, so i break it lose to make
> sure everyone sees it.
> (
> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-studio-devel/2016-July/007973.html
> )
> Since feature freeze is around the corner, if no one objects before
> Sunday 7th august, i will proceed and do the changes from greybird to
> numix as default theme with ubuntu studio blue as highligt color, and
> switch from murrine to shimmer as xubuntu have done.
> Yours,
> Set
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> Subject: [ubuntu-studio-devel] Shimmer and numix (was: unmet dependencies)
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> I've been looking into the theme thing with krytarik. As is now, we ship
> ubuntu studio with greybird as default theme. Last time we discussed the
> theme/look of the desktop, i want to remember many of us agreed on
> finding a darker theme.
> http://packages.ubuntu.com/yakkety/murrine-themes
> http://packages.ubuntu.com/yakkety/shimmer-themes
> Both Murrine and Shimmer have greybird (our default theme atm). But
> shimmer is shipped with Numix. And Numix is a pretty excellent theme.
> The cons as i see them for Numix are these:
> - The way focused windows differentiate themselves from other (same as
> greybird)
> - The very thin window border makes it hard to catch the corners to
> resize (same as gryebird)
> The pros:
> - It hear it is well maintained, like gerybird.
> - While it is dark, unlike most dark-themes you never get problems with
> webpage searchboxes displaying white text on white background.
> The default highlight color of numix is red, but krytarik found a fix
> from xubuntu unicorn to address this and let us have ubuntustudio blue
> instead.
> So, if i sound like i am pushing for a shift from murrine to shimmer and
> for shipping 16.10 with numix as default theme and window header, you
> got me alright. :D But of course, we need to agree on it first.
> What are your thoughts, team?
> Yours,

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