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Thu Aug 4 13:20:04 UTC 2016

torsdagen den 4:e augusti 2016 kl. 13:51:56 CEST, ttoine 
<ttoine at ttoine.net> skrev:
> @Len,
> I already have the permission, yes. But it is important for me to ask you:
> I am not alone to be involved with Ubuntu Studio.

And thank you for that :)

> And btw, I also know that my contributions are less visible: I teach how to
> use open source software to produce audio and video at the University in my
> area, I run my small music label with Ubuntu and Mixbus or Ardour. And most
> important, I work for open source editors since 2013, and now for the
> Eclipse Foundation. As my job is to work for the promotion of open source,
> I like to do something else in my hobbies ;-)

Awesome and understandable. Just to be safe, i want to insist that i was 
not questioning your activism, simply stating the fact that i'm happy to 
read you. :)

> I will let hellotux know that they can do the shirts.

Maybe we should announce it on our social media and link to hellotux on the 


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