[ubuntu-studio-devel] 16.04 Release Candidate Testing - for release Thursday 21st

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Thu Apr 21 15:11:08 UTC 2016

On Thu, 21 Apr 2016, Thomas Pfundt wrote:

>> I have never had that happen. I do rename files, but from your comments 
>> further down not as much as you do.
> Were you able to reproduce this though? It can be done in a matter of
> seconds, in fact, probably even faster than me typing this. I'm really
> curious if this is just a problem for me and a few others or if it
> affects basically all users, because I can't see it being related to
> hardware or custom system specifications. Like you said, there is no

I haven't been able to spend the time on it yet, I still need to do work 
in 14.04 for a while... till I get 16.04 set up.

> I used to work in a civic community centre where local news reports and
> interviews are filmed on a daily basis and if you have hundreds of
> random video and audio files on your drive, first of all renaming them
> properly is really the best practice. That's just kind of a habit I took
> away from it, hence I probably noticed this issue more regularly. ;)

I agree renaming media files after import is a correct methodology. That 
is, in fact, a big part of the reason we include Rapid photo downloader 
which renames the downloaded media files on the fly. (from number to 
venue/event/date/time/sequence or whatever) My wife does this with her 
photographs as well. (we have not had any crashes there in 16.04 which she 
has been running for 3 months now, but we haven't dealt with many photos 
either) It is just my workflow allows (requires) me to set proper file 
names to begin with :)

>> Have you tried Settings->Preferred Applications->Utilities(tab)? When I set Nautilus there it seems to just show up everywhere. If this does not
> work for setting the default file manager, that is a bug for sure.
> Oh no, maybe I've not clearly described the issue with this. I am able
> to install Nautilus and set it as the default file manager. The problem
> is that I have not been able to access its preferences, because the

When nautilus is open, gear wheel on the right top corner opens a menu 
which has nautilus Preferences. If I set list view there, the next time I 
open Nautilus it is in list view. Nautilus has two problems (I just 
noticed now) First it expects to find Gnome session running and complains 
it can't find it. Second, it does not exit when the window is closed but 
continues to run in the background using up memory and CPU cycles. It does 
open faster a second time though :) Hmm, having said that, this time it 
did exit.

> I also just realised that Nautilus is not really popular among the
> community apparently, I just haven't used any other file manager in the
> past and I've never experienced any particular problems with it
> personally, so this was my first choice after Thunar became too
> impractical to use for me. If there is another favourite file manager
> for someone here, maybe I could try that one instead and see if it works
> better in terms of integration and stability.

Unfortuantly, file managers seem to be pretty tightly integrated with the 
DE. So three main file managers go with DEs xfce, KDE and gnome. The other 
large following might be commander and it's clones. Commander was 
originally (maybe still) a CLI file manager and so has a two window 
approach. Open synaptic and search the word commander for a list. You will 
find it quite different from the three windows file explorer clones listed 

Len Ovens

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