[ubuntu-studio-devel] One week until xenial final relase "RecordMyDesktop"

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Sat Apr 16 15:50:37 UTC 2016

On Sat, Apr 16, 2016, at 11:29 AM, Grant Frank Burton wrote:
> RecordMyDesktop works but not very good. It looks a clunker, takes a long
> time to process the video and the quality is not very good.
> Kazam is a much better program but.... when I installed it, I don't get
> to
> option to remove it, I only can install it again. I can take it out with
> a
> terminal but not from the software center window.

I would agree that we should probably use another program for desktop
recording. I may have suggestions there too, but we don't do any changes
in our application selection this late in the game, unless there's a
critical bug, so this will have to wait until the next development cycle
(which is quite soon).

If you are unable to install applications with Software, please report a
bug about that. The package name is gnome-software, so in a terminal,
you do:

ubuntu-bug gnome-software

Thanks for putting some attention on this


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