[ubuntu-studio-devel] Call for Final Beta Testing

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Thu Sep 24 09:38:30 UTC 2015

Today is FInal Beta testing day. Release is due later today. So, please,
help testing our ISOs.

*Short instructions on how to test:*

1. Get a launchpad account, if you haven't, at http://launchpad.net
2. Head to http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com, and login
3.a For the AMD64 for test cases, go to
3.b For the i386 test cases, go to
4. Make sure your to do a checksum on your ISO before you report bugs.
5. If you find bugs, check at the bottom of the test case page if the
bug was already reported, then make sure to include it in your test
results. If no one had reported the bug, in a terminal, do: ubuntu-bug
6. Even if all tests are completed, but the build is not yet marked
*ready*, you may still help testing and submitting bug reports.

*Long instructions:*

I just got a page together, which should have all the info you need
about how to do ISO testing. It's a bit more extensive, but I recommend
a read through for those who are new to testing ISOs.


For even more extensive information, please check out:


That's it!

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