[ubuntu-studio-devel] Ubuntu Studio Packaging [Was: Re: continued as per request, from IRC]

Ross Gammon retail at the-gammons.net
Thu Sep 17 19:29:48 UTC 2015

Hi Kaj,

On 08/25/2015 06:51 AM, Kaj Ailomaa wrote:
> A short update.
> I had forgotten about these pages. We have something called a "package
> set" for Ubuntu Studio. All flavors have them.
> This page should show all packages that concern us
> http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/packagesets/wily/ubuntustudio
> (but that is also the desktop packages, like xfce).
> Also, there's a tool for querying those in "ubuntu-archive-tools",
> called edit-acl.

I have been digging into this (along with the launchpad api) the last
few days, and it looks very interesting.

I will do a check, that this list of packages is up to date with what is
in the metas. It could be a good source for a list of packages if it was
up to date.

The launchpad API unfortunately does not expose the runtime dependencies
of source packages, so it is difficult to use to build a list of
packages from the metas.

The only other option I could see that was left (so that the list could
be produced on any machine for any series), was to query
http://packages.ubuntu.com/ and parse the HTML.

Interestingly, I see that we do not have any uploaders listed in the
package set. We should work on that! I would like to see an
ubuntustudio-uploaders team, that could have strictly controlled
membership. For example, I have no real interest in getting upload
permissions to the whole ubuntu "universe" where I could do lots of
damage :-) But upload rights for "our" package set would be really
useful (once I have proved my self with some packaging in



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