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ttoine ttoine at ttoine.net
Wed Sep 9 08:37:26 UTC 2015

> Speaking only of the audio applications. One of the problems we have, is
>> that the good apps in most cases need a running Jack. So the user who is
>> trying things out finds that they are drawn to the poorer applications
>> because they just start and work. Having a running jack from session start
>> might turn some of this around.
Ardour 4 don't need jackd anymore. All software can work on jackd, or with
alsa directly (uncluding Mixbus and Lightworks). Jackd is usefull is you
look for an alternative to Propelerheads Rewire, and combine with Patchage,
we can definitevely speak about it this way.

>  - Do someone know if we could package and distribute Open AV apps ?
> The licence is not bad (by debian standards), but the dev has no time to
> package or maintain a package. He is not the only one.

That was not the question. Is it something we can do or do we know someone
who could do it ?

That is good too. Some of the free/open projects are sponsored by the
> non-free ones. Pointing them out as a good idea and providing a good stable
> platform for them to run on is a great idea.

Buying a license for Mixbus is a good way to help the development of Ardour.

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