[ubuntu-studio-devel] Elementary OS

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Tue Sep 8 23:55:47 UTC 2015

On Tue, 8 Sep 2015, ttoine wrote:

> In term of free software, yes, the offer is poor. But some great stuff are
> available:
>  - Ardour
>  - LMMS (equivalent of Fruity loops, not of Ableton Live)
>  - Qtractor
>  - Kdenlive
>  - Cinerella
>  - Blender
>  - Gimp
>  - Inkscape
>  - Scribus
>  - Some plugins are very good, some bad, let's highlight the good ones. Most of
> people have a lot of free and cracked plugins, but actually are using only a few
> ones. And even on Windows and Mac, plugins can make a sequencer crash, they are
> used to it.

Speaking only of the audio applications. One of the problems we have, is 
that the good apps in most cases need a running Jack. So the user who is 
trying things out finds that they are drawn to the poorer applications 
because they just start and work. Having a running jack from session start 
might turn some of this around.

>  - Do someone know if we could package and distribute Open AV apps ?

The licence is not bad (by debian standards), but the dev has no time to 
package or maintain a package. He is not the only one.

> Those are not finished products, they are open source projects. However, it is
> possible to achieve the creation of great content when you know how to use them.


> On the non free software side, there are:
>  - Mixbus
>  - Lightworks
>  - Bitwig (equivalent of Live, made by former Ableton employees)
>  - Many people own licenses, and have hardware for that. We need to attract them
> with a simple and stable system. With a place where they can find documentation
> and support.
>  - Let's highlight them !

That is good too. Some of the free/open projects are sponsored by the 
non-free ones. Pointing them out as a good idea and providing a good 
stable platform for them to run on is a great idea.

Len Ovens

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