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ttoine ttoine at ttoine.net
Tue Sep 8 13:45:41 UTC 2015

> However, the point is, that there is the need to provide something,
> that doesn't exist at the moment. What's missing for Ubuntu Studio or
> any other distro isn't bad PR, it's software and hardware.

That is totally the puropose of this thread, Ralf. We need to answer what
is available, and with our knowledge (we have a lot of experience and

In term of free software, yes, the offer is poor. But some great stuff are
 - Ardour
 - LMMS (equivalent of Fruity loops, not of Ableton Live)
 - Qtractor
 - Kdenlive
 - Cinerella
 - Blender
 - Gimp
 - Inkscape
 - Scribus
 - Some plugins are very good, some bad, let's highlight the good ones.
Most of people have a lot of free and cracked plugins, but actually are
using only a few ones. And even on Windows and Mac, plugins can make a
sequencer crash, they are used to it.
 - Do someone know if we could package and distribute Open AV apps ?

Those are not finished products, they are open source projects. However, it
is possible to achieve the creation of great content when you know how to
use them. Some projects at the moment are focused on using 100% free
software to achieve a motion picture + soundtrack. Blender Velvets plugins
come from this king of project.

On the non free software side, there are:
 - Mixbus
 - Lightworks
 - Bitwig (equivalent of Live, made by former Ableton employees)
 - Many people own licenses, and have hardware for that. We need to attract
them with a simple and stable system. With a place where they can find
documentation and support.
 - Let's highlight them !

To have spent time in studios and working on a regular basis with sound
engineers, I saw Pro-Tools or Logic crash in record sessions or in live
performance, because of plugins or because people misuse them. At my work,
we have a lot of issues with the latest Mac osX release in term of
stability. No system has no bug/failure.

Nowadays, with the great work achieved around Ubuntu Server, now leader in
the server world, the stability is good and reknown.

Remember that if many multimedia workstations ran on Unix in the past (e.g:
Silicon Graphics O²) had the same hardware than a Unix server, but with a
sound card and a graphic card.

So, really, I think instead trying to support everything, package
everything, we should focus on what we know is working. And maintain it,
make it clear that Ubuntu Studio is now focused to make things working.

Even if we propose a very restricted list of working hardware, it is better
than nothing. And we can also add a disclaimer "try before you buy".

Again please have a look at the Elementary OS website: simple, with a few
doc, including a list of office applications, a dedicated Stackexchange for
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