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Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Mon Sep 7 17:44:32 UTC 2015

On Mon, 7 Sep 2015 08:28:13 -0700 (PDT), Len Ovens wrote:
>It is all PR, yes. Active for sure. Needs someone who understands what
>FB, twitter, etc. has that email and irc does not. I personally do not
>have any use for these things at all.


That's also not my domain.

What I'm missing for modern websites is the old faithful site map.
Nowadays there are tons of flashing and moving pictures and buttons.

One thing that is really bad public relations on
https://ubuntustudio.org/ is the "News Archive".

August 2015

"Your chance to help – Beta Testing

If you would like to lend a hand to the volunteer project Ubuntu
Studio, this is the perfect time. It’s Beta testing time! You’ll need
to at least get yourself an account at launchpad.net, and subscribe to
our devel mail list in order to assist. Read more about how to do
testing in this post […] August 21, 2015 — No comments » News"

Were is the box to add a comment?

Ok,nobody needs it, since nobody who want to get the good OOTB
experience likes to get an account to assist.

The next news is from May 2015.

"Precise and linux-lowlatency-3.2 EOL

Since 3 years has become a new standard as the support period for
Ubuntu flavor LTS releases, we decided to end support for Ubuntu Studio
12.04 Precise Pangolin after 3 years. While we do that, we also end
support for linux-lowlatency 3.2. The most recent update will be the
last one. If you are still […] May 1, 2015 — 3 comments » News, Planet

Geek-speak about something that becomes discontinued. Much white space,
but no comment is visible. I'm willing to click the shadowed link.

"12.04 kernel seems to be better lowlatency than the new one. Any
advice for improving the latency performance? It’s still workable, but
makes me nervous…"

Let's continue with the next outdated news, April 2015.

"Ubuntu Studio 15.04 Vivid Vervet released!

Another short term release is out. Not much is new"


"I can’t get 15.04 to boot from GRUB after installing. It starts by
saying “ooting in secure mode. B”… kind of disorganized.

14.04 would crash at the GRUB install stage."

OTOH PR that just claims how good the shiny product is will scare away
smart, independent users. A bunch of lies and censorship are a
no-go. Also wording to window-dress weak points is embarrassing, e.g.
from the website of Linux audio software "the most flexible mixer
architecture in the industry, hundreds of plugins, and external control
surfaces", every experienced user, not only experience engineers expect
something practical. A user wants a few plugins that do a good job, a
user wants a mixer, not a box of bricks. This example is
horoscope language. Good PR would claim, to provide a mixer in the
classical sense, no learning curve, a mixer we know how to use. Good PR
describes the features. "We provide a vocoder that can do all you
expect from a vocoder." "We provide 3 kinds of common used delay
effects that adjust delay times automatically to the change in tempo of
your song." "We provide a full orchestra plugin."

At least what already is provided for smart phone applications
that cost less than 10$/10€.

Who want's to read about a kernel? About unfinished mixers and obscure
plugins. What want users? Do they expect to get auto-tune or a Bob Katz

People are willing to pay hundreds of $/€ to get analog guitar effects.
Nearly nobody will use stand alone digital effects or guitar effects for
Microsoft, Apple or Windows computers for a long time, excepted of a
few expensive digital guitar effects.

The enthusiasm for what we get with Linux is biased.

Before you/we can make PR, we need products ;).

Linux mailing lists are overspammed with requests regarding plugin
hosts that crash.

Good PR would be to eliminate packages that provide plugins that make
the host crash, that cause DC offsets, that are named with something
they don't provide. Terms such as "EQ" and "Vocoder" are often used for
something that not really is an "EQ" or a "Vocoder". I'm not willing to
do this work. I will get a job, pay for a new sound card and mixer,
to get enough I/Os to use my external stand alone gear.

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