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ttoine ttoine at ttoine.net
Fri Sep 4 09:17:32 UTC 2015

Thanks a lot for your email.

Like often with open source projects, users are not enough in the center of
developer mind. We need to make it more easy for users to adopt Ubuntu
Studio !!!

Antoine THOMAS
Tél: 0663137906

2015-09-04 9:40 GMT+02:00 C. F. Howlett <cfhowlett at hotmail.com>:

> Perhaps I missed it, but I saw precious little consideration or discussion
> in this thread about what Ubuntustudio USERS want/need from a multimedia OS.
> Ubuntu introduced me to the concept of "using" a computer outside of what
> Windows could do.  Free software?  Online support?  I can actually do cool
> things?  Consider me sold!  And a few years after I first experienced
> Ubuntu, Canonical released Ubuntustudio!? Winning!  I had SO MUCH fun doing
> all kinds of multimedia things that would otherwise have been prohibitively
> expensive under my other OS, and I've happily dualbooted Ubuntustudio since
> its first release.
> In a universe of Linux choices, including several multimedia options, I've
> stayed with Ubuntustudio for many reasons, not least being the multiple and
> dynamic support options.  I've not experienced any of the purported
> downsides of Canonical "ownership" of Ubuntustudio.
> I have seen and tested other distros.  Should Ubuntustudio die, I have
> selected a well-known alternate, but I truly hope it never comes to that.
> What I WOULD like to see is concerted efforts to improve, proof and polish
> the existing product.  I fully support directing the bulk of the efforts
> towards the LTS releases.  I suspect ALL users would enthusiastically
> welcome improved and updated documentation of the various workflows.
> Finally, updating the list of "verified Ubuntu friendly" hardware should be
> ongoing.
> As always, nothing I have written should be construed as discouraging
> anyone from creating another OS.  It's just that THIS user would almost
> certainly have no interest in it.
> Thanks for reading.  YMMV.
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