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 http://www.motu.com/products/avb/ultralite-avb which while it has a mixer
inside that requires SW, that SW is any browser (firefox/chrome/whatever)

-> nice feature. However, I don't care of internal DSP effects, I won't use
them. For live mixing, I prefer a mixer with pots and faders. That is why I
also won't buy RME stuff anymore: I don't want to pay for the useless
internal DSP.

Actually we could host on our own if we wish.

Ok, didn't know that !

> True. How do Xubuntu do their stuff? They seem to have more, like
> brochures and stickers.
Like ubuntu-fr or other local user groups, they have an agreement and
created a non profit organization. And the more Canonical is growing, the
more it is difficult to get such agreements now.

> I don't see how a new distro would help either. I am looking at AVLinux
> and KXStudio and don't see that they really are doing a lot better. They
> are both run by coders and so the difference is mainly technical.

Yes, I understand your point. At Apple, if Woz achieved great hardware, the
company wouldn't have such a success without Job's vision.

Ok, I can agree with that. I would be the first to say I am blind at
> helping with more than the technical aspects. The things I am suggesting in
> that area are from helping new to linux users on IRC, not just in
> #ubuntustudio, but in linux audio lists, irc and forums in general.
Having someone with your experience add a great value to the team.

*About refreshing Ubuntu Studio look'n feel:*
 - Change the logo will not help. We can "flat-ize" it you want like the
current Ubuntu logo, or like a lot of logos at the moment. But we should
keep it like that.
 - We need a new website, with a simple and bright theme, pleasant to read
and responsive. And if possible, we should blog more about our ecosystem,
so people can see that the project is active.
 - Again, I don't care too much about the look'n feel of US,  until it is
simple and pleasant to use. I think that what we can do better than what we
have today:
  + Elementary OS is more like Mac os X, simple, nothing to tweak, focused
on use, needs very low resources
  + Mint (Cinnamon) is more like Windows, with customization, but more heavy
  + Unity is the default Ubuntu desktop, it would make US closer to Ubuntu,
and is now very mature and stable
  + XFCE, Mate, etc. are looking old fashioned (I prefer Mate over XFCE, by
the way) but are still popular with many users

-> on a technical side, which one do you think would the more optimized for
multimedia production, or what are the one we should avoid for best
performance ??? if we go for desktop agnostic (a good option), are we still
a distro, or just an "addon" like KXstudio ?
 -> on a look'n feel point of view, why maintain a custom dark theme ? why
not having a basic bright theme, or any light blue theme, and a simple
white background with the blue logo? This way we don't focus too much of
our time on that, and can work on more important stuff (doc, forum
answering, fixing what's under the hood, ...)

*About technical aspects:*
 - We have few contributors and they are not full time. So maybe we should
focus on LTS, provide backports when needed (ex: latest version of Ardour
in 14.04), and intermediate installers.
 - We should not focus on short term support versions of Ubuntu.
 - Do you agree with this idea ? or is there a real interest to support
short term versions ?

*About US website(s):*
 - If we redo a brand new website, do you think it could be interesting to
have our own forum and doc ? Maybe it would be better to have everything in
one place to create an effective community, than to have everything split
over many websites like today.

By the way, I would like to thank each of you for your answers. I now it
takes time to read and type.

Please, be sure that the aim of this thread is not to kill Ubuntu Studio
but to find fresh & new ideas to achieve this idea: "*it should be easy to
produce Multimedia with open source software*".
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