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Tue Sep 1 17:30:17 UTC 2015

Not everyone has ever used a Windows or MAC workstation, I've done low 
power radio audio and activist video on Audacity and Kdenlive respectively.
I do not have money to buy paid software, nor do I trust closed packages not
to phone home with my sensitive raw material. 

In audio I have added sung tracks to Audacity projects with several other tracks 
playing, and recorded audio from both internal and external sources using both
onboard sound and the old-style $7 soundcards. The latter lacked a front headphone
jack but supported internal recording from the output, which requires PA or JACK
with current onboard sound due to the board makers taking money from Hollywood.
Unless dealing with pulseaudio bugs or a damaged soundcard I was always able to get
good enough sound for two tracks. I've never had, not sure I've even SEEN one of 
those surround sound systems.

Not having ever used the paid software does mean I have exactly NO idea 
what people are saying when they claim it does a better job. OK, some versions
of Kdenlive are utterly stable and some are crashy, but the only thing I would 
really like to see (andf it's coming) is usage of the GPU to let transitions and 
effects play in full realtime.  I've rendered out videos over an hour long with
Kdenlive, and also made intensely comples "year in review" videos with literally
hundreds of clips, captions made as .png files, the works.   If you sat me down
in front of a $10K pro workstation to do that video, it would take me longer to
learn the interface than the time the GPU would save me, unless the interface
worked almost exactly like Kdenlive.

On 9/1/2015 at 9:58 AM, "Ralf Mardorf" <ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net> wrote:
>On Tue, 1 Sep 2015 14:29:01 +0200, ttoine wrote:
>>Ralf, I truly believe that when it will be possible to use a Linux
>>distribution without the terminal at all, Linux will become 
>At least for audio Linux can't compare to Mac or Windows.
>You need to use the terminal to get an audio tuned Linux and even 
>you should be aware, that you never ever will reach the quality of 
>a Mac
>or Windows workstation.
>I'm a RME card user and the RME card driver for Linux is pure 
>crap! I
>installed Windows and FreeBSD to test my card, to ensure that the 
>isn't broken.
>On my iPad I use a sequencer that in some important features is 
>than Qtractor, Ardour and Co and other than the Linux applications 
>stable and this is just on a tablet PC.
>IOW if we decide to use Linux, the reason is of philosophically 
>Linux for creative work, audio, video, painting and publishing 
>competed with proprietary, restricted operating systems and 
>programmed with more manpower.
>Even if the software should be able to competed, were is the FLOSS
>hardware? Or were are at least good drivers for known hardware.
>The RME PCIe card I bought, recommended by the Linux audio
>community, does provide only 2 of 8 ADAT I/Os by jackd, let alone
>missing special features and even a complete and current version of
>total mix, aka hdspmixer is missing for Linux.
>Linux already was popular, many European offices switched to Linux 
>for good reasons they switched back to Windows.
>Linux comes with pitfalls, faking Windows and Mac abilities isn't
>helpful, it's better to get users used to terminal usage, than
>providing crappy GUIs, that anyway can't replace the terminal.
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