[ubuntu-studio-devel] CyberSec For Creative Humans (was: PR&Support)

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Thu Oct 29 22:11:59 UTC 2015

I'd like to break this out of the previous thread if you don't mind. You
guys are piling up gold, and i think it could become useful. Please
excuse my large scissors: The quotes are heavily but hopefully
respectfully edited. Like you i believe you said Ralf, i think it's
better to dump the "activist" word, but i think it could be fair to say
"users facing malign counter-interests" ?

I Propose there will be a wiki page created, with useful thoughts and
good cyberhygenia practices for creative humans.

lukefromdc wrote:

>>>> Category: *Graphics, Audio, Video:*

> The critical issues are photo editing with removal of EXIF metadata, video
> editing with a stable version of Kdenlive, and (easiest) audio editing using
> Audacity, which is simpler to use than Ardour and has never had phone
> home code in it. 

> get
> all the clips into encrypted storage and wipe the camera card with random numbers.
> stay entirely out of the widely circulated hardware
> and OS databases kept by the ad networks and subject at any time to subpeona
> or simply purchase by any nation's security agencies.  This is the reason for the 
> extreme amount of browser lockdown. If Firefox gets useless, I suppose I could 
> simply add all of Disconnect's blocklist to /etc/hosts and use Rekonq with JS
> disabled by default, opening only known safe sites with JS enabled and boycotting
> any site that mixes necessary with unsafe JS.

>>>> Category: *System-wide*

> There is also the very complex browser security issue, not one browser is
> anywhere near secure by default except for torbrowser. None the less
> I will offer tips for securing Firefox (...) 

> Probably I will have to recommend that Firefox be pinned at
> installation of 15.10 or older and warn that this means no security updates.

Ralf Mardorf wrote:

>>>> Category: Category *System-wide hygenia:*

> The best hint for
> unexperienced computer users doing journalism subject to malign counter-interest, 
> is not to use a computer for journalism at all.

>> It might be useful to clarify some issues with browsers, e.g:

>> - Problems with auto-completion of search engines, safe browsing,
>> but also when a sandbox is useful or not.

>> - Why wrong usage of
>> encryption and signing is more dangerous, then being aware that
>> data isn't safe.

>> A high level of security and a user-friendly OOTB average desktop
>> experience are mutually exclusive.

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