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Thu Oct 29 20:43:02 UTC 2015

One limiting factor will be that I do not have the bandwidth to download
the latest  .iso's to check installation details so I will have to refer to external
postings for things like setting up encryption.

None of the realtime audio issues affect making news audio or video, so  many
of the complex issues that US has had to deal with for the more complex music
creation don't come up. For use cases where they do (e.g political rap) I do not
have the experience to address that part of the picture.

The critical issues are photo editing with removal of EXIF metadata, video
editing with a stable version of Kdenlive, and (easiest) audio editing using
Audacity, which is simpler to use than Ardour and has never had phone
home code in it. Also the now very ugly browser privacy and security issue,
and the severe problems at Mozila that in fact threaten the future of this.

Kdenlive is an issue right now. The 15.08 used in Wily is stable enough
for short projects but becomes buggy as hell on long ones-the release notes
even warn of this. Vivid has only 0.9.10 which is seriously obsolete. so probably
I would have to make note of plans at Kdenlive that the 15.12 or 16.04 version
that will presumably be in US 16.04 LTS would be much more stable, as was
the 15.04 version that no version of Ubuntu distributed except via PPA. There
is talk of directly targetting US 16.04 for a seriously debugged version, however.

There is also the very complex browser security issue, not one browser is
anywhere near secure by default except for torbrowser. None the less
I will offer tips for securing Firefox, with the caveat that Mozilla has
deprecated the entire extension infrastructure and that updates to the
upcoming Firefox 43 will probably have to be blocked unless the needed
extensions all get signed-and that a still unknown later version will have to
be rejected unless they either delay removing support for the old extensions.
all of them get ported over, or the now proposed compatability layer works
well enough. Probably I will have to recommend that Firefox be pinned at
installation of 15.10 or older and warn that this means no security updates.

Mozilla's current behavior is bad enough to turn the browser security issue
into a "not for amateurs" issue unless all activity is to be over Tor simply
to avoid Firefox's phoning home. In fact, as an "insecure" browser used 
only to get past a captive portal I think GNOME Web and Rekonq are
both safer than a non-expert install of Firefox at this point, simply to 
keep Mozilla from having logs of the connections to the wifi access 

On 10/29/2015 at 2:38 PM, "set" <public at sakrecoer.com> wrote:
>On 2015-10-29 18:22, lukefromdc at hushmail.com wrote:
>> I agree with this. No way in Hell I would set up a machine for 
>my sister with
>> Debian Unstable, and not one of the Ubuntu flavors are involved 
>in the whole
>> Unity controversy.
>Please consider writing a guide on how to use ubuntustudio and 
>what to
>think of when engaging in activism and source-protective 
>That could also make a great post on http://ubuntustudio.org
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