[ubuntu-studio-devel] Documentation for 16.04

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Wed Oct 21 13:43:00 UTC 2015

On Tue, Oct 20, 2015, at 07:05 PM, Set Hallstrom wrote:
> On 2015-10-20 12:25, Kaj Ailomaa wrote:
> > You can just add a page at the wiki somewhere. It can always be redone
> > and renamed so it's all pretty safe.
> I started this:
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/UserGuide/Graphics/draftpage

First, a short version:

We need a documentation lead who is responsible for organizing
documentation, but I'm not just going to name one as I have done before
- we need an official and transparent way of dealing with that, so I
will get back to that shortly (15.10 is soon out and we can begin
focusing on 16.04).

Long version (with thoughts on documentation as a whole):

I like the way you write, and my first impression of this was that it
would be a nice start on an education on computer graphics. And, it fits
well together with the idea of the user guide as it had been organized
(long ago, by me and Scott, I believe), in that it includes just about
everything you need in order to learn how to use the system for
multimedia production. So, in that respect, I'm very satisfied.

Though, my idea for the next LTS was to do something simple, like the
quick instruction you get when you buy a new product. Something like:
"here's the power button, here's where you do A, B and C, and, here's
where to look when something went wrong." Something which helps the user
but doesn't become too big of a project for the author. 
For audio the biggest problem is how to handle the jack audio system,
both in terms of usage and troubleshooting. For graphics and video (but
also audio), I suspect we are more dealing with installing drivers and
other nonfree stuff to get support for formats. Maybe also learning
which applications may be used for what - the more technical aspects of
just getting stuff to work, so we can actually get working.
So, yeah. I was thinking more in those terms, but I wasn't expecting to
get such a great response, so I'm moving my attention to another problem
instead, namely leadership and organization.

I haven't looked in the user guide for a long time, so I don't remember
what I or anyone else were thinking back then. Also, we've discussed
youtube videos, see here -
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/YoutubeVideoFormat, which is a less
structured way of providing things like tutorials (each video can either
be something very specific, or very general - up to the author of the
video, works for wikis too, but not manuals or general user guides).
Putting all that together, there is one thing that becomes clear. There
is structure, but no content, basically. And restructuring would not
hurt anyone.
When I put out the call for someone to help with documentation, I was
actually loosely disregarding all of that, and I'm sure most others were
too, just out of not being aware of it for obvious reasons.

Since there seems to be some interest in this topic, I think it might be
best we have someone in charge of documentation, who can work
independently with organizing at least what is currently being discussed
in a couple of threads.

My first thought was to just improvise and just get someone be doc lead,
which is not a bad idea when there are so few people in the team. But,
perhaps it is best we do that in a structured and officially (yet
undocumented) way :). 
15.10 is almost out, so we may just as well begin preparing for next
release, and start by deciding who is responsible for what. We have
established a few lead positions over the years, though they haven't
always been populated. So, I will start discussions about that.
- A year ago, this would have been pointless, since there was pretty
much no one involved, but this time perhaps we can do things

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