[ubuntu-studio-devel] New User Documentation

C. F. Howlett cfhowlett at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 21 11:28:38 UTC 2015

I have had a project in mind for some time.

Ubuntu used to include GIMP.  On the desktop, there was a tutorial to 
introduce very basic GIMP functions in the form of a user-built Ubuntu 
logo image.  Cool stuff.  Sadly, removed in later releases. Likewise the 
old Ubuntu sample media folder.

So, to my project;

Target audience: "I just installed ubuntustudio.  Now what?" people

Format: a series of easy peasy, introductory tutorials using the major 
apps in the focus areas.  For instance:

SOUND > AUDACITY > Record your voice.  Sample and remove background 
noise.  Edit sound for  Darth Vader voice.  Save and export.

Upon completion of the project, supply at least one tutorial. 
Fortunately, the major apps already have basic tutorials.  We just need 
to highlight them.

Obviously, this is not the in-depth documentation currently under 
discussion in another channel, but I believe it fills a need and would 
give useful and welcome advice.

I'm not qualified to do all the tutorials, but I am willing to edit and 
standardize the writing.  Any interest???

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