[ubuntu-studio-devel] Oh no, please not that again: Desktop Agnostic, Was: Re: Gedit

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Fri Nov 27 14:55:41 UTC 2015

On Fri, 27 Nov 2015, Jonathan Aquilina wrote:

> In terms of the enlightenment team, they just released E20 and there is lots of
> activity on the mailing list. I cant give you numbers but I have seen a fair
> number of developers from samsung that are working with enlightnement for the
> Tizen SDK and lots of new developers. Latest version if i am not mistaken even
> includes support for wayland.
> I get loads of emails on a daily basis from their mailing list so there is quite
> a fair bit of activity going on.

We will not be using Enlightenment. Unless there is a team that first 
creates "Ebuntu" and has a good track record of keeping a stable ubuntu 
flavour. Studio does not have the developers to keep up a DE in the Ubuntu 
ecosystem as well as deal with the artistic software. So we will continue 
to be based on one of the well established ubuntu flavours. Any work 
beyond that will be to make the essensials of Studio work on the Ubuntu 

As you may have noticed in pervious Emails we are actually trying to do 
less DE work not more. The Xubuntu team works quite hard at keeping xfce 
up to date and bug free. In general their theming has been just what we 
need. On any machine suited to artistic workflows the DE is a minimal 
load. Both xfce and kde (not sure about unity and gnome session) allow 
tuning the DE to use less CPU if the user desires.

However with the profusion of things like USB mics  :P  ethernet connected 
audio interfaces and drawing surfaces, we have lots to do. One of the 
biggest troubles we have (still) is people not understanding jack. I am 
working on "autojack" which starts jack at session start and uses 
zita-ajbridge to also connect such things as USB mics so the user can find 
then in Qtractor, Non-Daw or Ardour. (would someone please package non in 

There is also work on -controls to expand this to manually configure 
autojack as well as making sure audio use is properly set up. (we need to 
add a reliable way to put the system into performance mode... hint needs a 
60 second delay after sysem startup)

Artistic uses in Linux has a lot of room for improvement. Personally, I am 
pretty much audio focused, but Video has been confined to post production 
and playback for the most part.

The whole live video area has hardly been 
scratched. There is really, at this time not much in the way of lowlatency 
pro video handling in Linux. The profusion of firewire ports on SLRs 
and video cameras seems to have dried up and been replaced with USB with 
no video streaming capabilities.

Graphics has a long history in Linux, but Studio's Graphic setup is right 
now, no more than a collection of applications. We need someone who is 
passionate about graphics (or even some part of it) to make this work 
well. (there are right now some graphics setup stuff that may not even 
work or at least need someone make documentation on how it works who has 
the tools to check it with.)

That is a minimum of two people we need to just look at these areas. (I 
would suggest 4 people for mutual encouragement if nothing else) Studio is 
Audio focused right now. WHere are the other people?

Len Ovens

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